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Bentong Family Shocked To Find Two Giant Pythons Shacking Up Inside Their Roof

Bentong Family Shocked To Find Two Giant Pythons Shacking Up Inside Their Roof

The bedroom ceiling collapsed, revealing not one, but two coiling reticulated pythons.

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What they thought was a harmless monkey making noises above their ceiling at night turned out to be two large pythons mating.

Som Mohamad Saleh, 57 and her daughter Norsharihara Zakaria, 26 were traumatised after discovering two giant pythons above the ceiling in their home in Lorong Permai Chamang, Bentong, last Sunday (12 February) at 3 pm.

A crack in the ceiling

According to Malaysia Gazette, it all started with some noises Som heard in the ceiling at 4 am on Saturday. She didn’t think much of it and continued her sleep.

The next morning (Sunday), her daughter told her that her room had a crack in the ceiling and the bed was a bit sandy from the cracks.

After she cleaned her bed and went to speak to her mother about getting the ceiling fixed, they heard a loud noise from her room.

Part of the ceiling had collapsed, revealing a huge snake coiling above them underneath the roof. Som closed the door of the room immediately and called the Malaysian Civil Defense Department (JPAM) for help.

When JPAM came, they tried to pull the snake down but it was too difficult.

They had to break another part of the ceiling to catch the snake and when the ceiling broke, I was shocked to witness not one but two giant snakes under the roof.

Som Mohamad Saleh, owner of the house

They manage to record it

The whole 1 minute and a half incident was caught on tape by @baju_skoda and went viral internationally with 34 M views and 1.5M likes on TikTok at the current time of writing.

Initially, it looked as if there were three Reticulated Pythons with half of their bodies clinging to the walls but it turned out to be one big and long python and another one medium-sized.

When they caught the medium-sized one, the bigger one managed to escape to their unoccupied neighbour’s house, but they successfully caught it too afterwards.

(Credit: @baju_skoda / TikTok)

Som said that the neighbour’s house was a bit dilapidated and filled with bushes so she often heard unidentified noises at night. But she never thought them to be snakes.

Traumatised too, her daughter even had a fever after the incident happened in her room in front of her very eyes.

Just imagine what would have happened if the ceiling broke the night they heard the noise, both the ceiling and the giant snakes could’ve fallen on Norsharihara while she was sleeping.

“Allah wanted to protect her that night,” said Som.

They weighed more than 50 kg together

Bentong District Civil Defense Officer, Lieutenant (PA) Azizah Husain said that four of her officers rushed to the scene when they received the call.

They managed to catch both reptiles in 50 minutes and they will be released in a safer place, away from the house.

The big one weighed 32 kilogrammes and was 5 meters long while the medium-sized one was 25 kilogrammes and 4 meters long.

We also want to advise the public to be careful because the summer season is about to arrive, causing snakes to seek cooler places.

Lieutenant (PA) Azizah Husain, Bentong District Civil Defense Officer

Reticulated Pythons or Ular Sawa Batik as the locals call them are the world’s longest snakes and among the top three heaviest snakes after the Burmese Pythons and the Green Anacondas.

The reason behind them being on the ceiling is not really known but considering that their mating season is between February and March, they could be mating.

Catch the video of the snakes below.

Caution: Viewer discretion is advised.

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