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[Watch] Woman Traumatized After PJ Road Bully Threatened To Hit E-Hailing Driver

[Watch] Woman Traumatized After PJ Road Bully Threatened To Hit E-Hailing Driver

She was riding in the e-hailing ride when the road bully tried to stop the car on a road in Petaling Jaya.

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The traffic is always bad these days, whether it’s the peak traffic hour or not. Unfortunately, a woman who was a passenger in an e-hailing ride was caught in the middle of a road rage incident.

Zabeda (@zabedabedoo) posted on Twitter a video of the heated encounter between her e-hailing driver and another car driver along a road in Petaling Jaya yesterday (23 December).

The video went viral with 2.1M views, 10.3k retweets, and 16.3k likes at the time of writing.

The driver on the left side of the lane started shouting at the e-hailing driver and blocked the path, forcing both cars to stop in the middle of the road.

Both drivers exited their cars and got into a verbal spat. The angered driver then reached into his car to bring out a wooden club and threatened to hit the e-hailing driver.

In the video, a motorcyclist behind the e-hailing ride could be seen witnessing the incident.

Zabeda said the road bully suddenly entered the left lane from the right lane, so her e-hailing driver sounded the horn.

However, the road bully wouldn’t move when the light turned green, so he got honked by the e-hailing driver again, which started the whole verbal spar.

Zabeda said she’s still shaken from the incident and has asked her father to help lodge a police report.

Netizens advised her to lodge a police report because road users aren’t supposed to have any weapons in their cars.

They also praised her for her quick thinking to record the number plate of the road bully.

A netizen reminded others not to exit their vehicles if they ever encounter a road bully. He said the car is likelier our best protection in a similar situation.

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