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Minister Says Batang Kali Campsite Is Illegal, But State Exco Says It’s Not

Minister Says Batang Kali Campsite Is Illegal, But State Exco Says It’s Not

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The campsite involved in the landslide tragedy in Batang Kali operates without a license and violates Act 133 of the Drainage and Building Act.

The Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming said the entrepreneurs only have permission to plan to build an organic farm.

He said offenders are liable to a penalty of not more than RM50,000 and imprisonment of not more than three years under Act 133 of the Street, Drainage, and Buildings Act 1974.

However, state Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Indigenous Affairs Committee chairman Hee Loy Sian begged to differ.

China Press quoted him as saying there are no regulations to control campsites at this stage.

The reason is that this is not a permanent structure, and there is no need to apply for additional licenses to set up campsites.

He pointed out that the location where the tragedy occurred is private land that has obtained a development permit (KM) from the local council.

Heads Must Roll

Meanwhile, netizens said Hee should take responsibility as he is the exco in charge of tourism activities.

At the same time, some said the campsite operators should not be blamed entirely because there is a lack of guidelines.

Others said that the disaster would have happened even if the campsite had been licensed as it was an act of God.

At the same time, it was pointed out that the license was for farming activities, not camping.

The death toll currently stands at 21, with a total of 61 people having been rescued while the search is ongoing for 12 others.

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Meanwhile, survivors recall the harrowing ordeal which happened when they were asleep at night.

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