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GE15: No IC? No Problem! These Documents Will Work At The Voting Booths Too

GE15: No IC? No Problem! These Documents Will Work At The Voting Booths Too

You can also replace them with your passport, license and temporary documents from JPN.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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So you think you’re ready to vote? You’ve checked everything and you’re ready to go?

Great. But what if you arrive at the destination and give a check one more time and… you’ve left your identification card in your wallet at home! Or you switched your bag today and put it in the other bag?

Worse, what if was missing? Can you still vote?

Yes, you can still vote without your IC

As the Election Commission puts it, don’t panic. You can still vote without your IC.

Here are a few other documents that you can use to vouch for your identity this Election Day:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Temporary Identification Certificate (JPN KPPK09)
  • Receipt of Report for Lost Identification Card (JPN KPPK11) That’s Certified By JPN

So there’s really no need to worry if you’ve left your card at home unless you have some of these documents around. They just need to check your name, verify your face and cross out your name from the names of voters registry. Here’s an infographic prepared by the EC.

While we’re at it, once you’re there at the ballot room, do you know what will happen in there? You can watch this video prepared by the EC on what goes inside the ballot room.

Visit the election commission’s Facebook and Twitter to know more.

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