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RM7.90 For An Exercise Book, High Stationery Prices In KL Shopping Mall Surprise Netizens

RM7.90 For An Exercise Book, High Stationery Prices In KL Shopping Mall Surprise Netizens

Exercise books can be bought for less than RM1 each through online shopping.

Fernando Fong

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We all know that inflation is driving up prices of everyday essential purchases.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a shock to the world economy, disrupting supply chains and contributing to significant delays in shipping.

But recently, people have been shocked that the price of an exercise book, which usually sells for less than RM2 each, has gone up to RM7.90.

A Facebook page, Malaysia Shopping Mall, posted photos of the expensive exercise book, which is said to be sold at a mall in Kuala Lumpur near Cheras.

Seeing Is Disbelieving

The jump in prices set tongues wagging.

Some said it was probably a pricing mistake, exercise books are sold far lower on online shopping portals.

Others sarcastically remarked that the exercise books probably came with answers.

Some parents pointed out that they are forced to pay more for specially printed exercise books the schools sell.

While the difference may be less than RM1 for each exercise book, it matters as parents have to spend on many other things for their kids’ education.

In April, FMT reported that the number of exercise books for each subject is limited to two, ostensibly to reduce the weight burden of students.

Know Your Rights

Most consumers in Malaysia can’t be bothered about their rights most of the time, including pricing.

If it is found that a trader does not comply with the law in respect of price tag enforcement, the consumer may channel complaints to the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs through:

  1. Line 03-8000 8000 1Malaysia One Call Centre (1MOCC)
  2. Toll-free line of the Information and Strategic Operations Movement Center (PIGOS) 1-800-886-800
  3. Smartphone App Ez ADU
  4. E-mail to e-aduan[at]
  5. SMS to 15888 and type “detail of complaint.”
  6. Report/present to any KPDNHEP office nationwide.

While traders must honour the price advertised if it is lower than the actual one, it is not clear if they can be held accountable for selling at high prices even if it is a mistake.

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