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Tenant From Hell Owes 3 Months Rent, Leaves Behind Trash And Sex Doll In Kajang Condo

Tenant From Hell Owes 3 Months Rent, Leaves Behind Trash And Sex Doll In Kajang Condo

The property owner is staring at the prospect of having to replace all furniture in the condo.

Fernando Fong

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Every person dreams of owning properties and renting them out for passive income.

But everything can go wrong when the tenancy agreement is not properly negotiated and enforced.

A woman surnamed Chen recently posted on Facebook to share her friend’s experience of being owed rent by a male tenant.

The tenant, who rented a condo in Kajang, also owed utility bills.

The 26-year-old man from Sungai Long, Kajang, left the condo in the filthiest condition, which made the owner very angry.

More disturbingly, he also left behind a life-size sex doll.

The two parties originally signed a one-year lease agreement.

The lease term will only end in December this year, but the tenant started to default on rent three months ago.

The property owner issued a warning letter in August, and he chose to ignore it.

When he could no longer be reached on the phone, the property owner went to the condo to look for him.

Condo Left In Shambles, Property Owner Feels Betrayed

But the moment the property owner opened the door, they were shocked to find the condo in shambles.

The photos and videos posted by the woman showed the whole house in a mess, with rubbish all over and thick dust on the furniture and floors.

It was clear that the house had been abandoned for a long time.

It was also revealed that he has a cat, and the pet scratched the sofa.

He also poured cat litter into the water outlet of the balcony, blocking the hole.

At this level of damage, it is feared that all furniture must be replaced with new ones.

What Is The Psychology Behind Bad Tenants?

The post triggered heated discussions among netizens, and they all left messages criticizing the tenant for being irresponsible.

Many said that such problems are all too common in Malaysia and it will continue to exist because tenants don’t have any respect for other people’s property.

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The recurring nightmare had resulted in people finding it harder to rent a place.

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Rental Background Check

Property management expert Calvin Chai advised property owners to use professional tenant screening services

He said many property owners experience hellish experiences from the tenants because Malaysia lacks a comprehensive system for tenant screening, which means there are few repercussions to behaving badly.

You get confirmation that tenants are verified, and there is no criminal report against them. Most developed countries have such a tenant screening system, and it should be made compulsory by law in Malaysia.

Property management expert Calvin Chai to TRP on the purpose of a tenant screening process.
Property management expert Calvin Chai

Chai said such a system would allow the property owner to lodge complaints and blacklist bad tenants so they can be held accountable.

It would also help the property owner to better assess the potential of property damage, and address the situation before it becomes an issue.

He said the government could consider including the tenant screening system in the Residential Tenancy Act, as only the law can discourage misbehaviour.

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