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Mother Helps Second Husband Rape 11-Year-Old Daughter To Avoid Divorce

Mother Helps Second Husband Rape 11-Year-Old Daughter To Avoid Divorce

The mother gave in to her husband’s perverted desire for fear of being divorced.

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When asked, most people are insistent they would speak up if they knew of sexual abuse.

In reality, they usually do not.

To satisfy her second husband’s perverted sexual desire, a mother grabbed her 11-year-old biological daughter’s hands and watched her second husband behave lewdly to her daughter.

The ordeal was revealed by Suzana Ghazali, family psychology and Syariah legal consultant, while on a TV talk show.


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Suzana said the young victim was born to the mother and her ex-husband.

The mother sacrificed her daughter’s dignity and “legitimized” her husband’s misdeeds to save her second marriage.

The victim’s mother did not want to be divorced because she could not satisfy her husband’s perverted sexuality and refused to call the police.

The mother also told me that her husband gave her three options at the time, the first was to let her daughter sleep with him. If not, then let him watch… If neither is possible, then the only option is divorce.”

Public Outrage

After the guests who participated in the program listened to the story, they had a heated discussion.

They questioned how could a family become a protective umbrella for children if even parents regarded this shameful behaviour as legal and were unwilling to report it.

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A journalist, @dinnieasyraf, uploaded the talk show to TikTok and stirred even more heated discussions among netizens.

Many people were stunned when they learned the ins and outs of the stories shared by the guests.

They could not agree with the actions of the victim’s mother and believed that this incident reminded them of the sexual assault of a Malay female artist by her father.

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Betrayal, Trauma, And The Consequences

At the time of writing, the video has received more than 567,000 views, 38,200 likes, and nearly 12,000 comments.

Most netizens condemned how a mother could let her daughter suffer like this at a young age.

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