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Do Not Share Your Touch n Go RFID Stickers Or Your Tag Will Be Suspended

Do Not Share Your Touch n Go RFID Stickers Or Your Tag Will Be Suspended

Users who share the stickers could get their tags suspended.

Fernando Fong

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Sharing is not always caring!

Yes, we want to encourage respect for others and give to others, but there is something you are not allowed to share it.

Recently, a video by TikTok user @terbelilagi showed how to share a Touch ‘n Go RFID sticker in multiple cars, causing a heated discussion among the public.

@terbelilagi Replying to @azam slayyy💅🏻 finally dapat try! sebaik beli 1 ja rfid, boleh kongsi🥳 #fyp #tiktokshop #rfid #tiktokpelitfyp ♬ original sound – ONYX • Shairaaa Core ng pinas? – NXPE • ❀MS.POBLETE☘️

In the above video, the user attaches an RFID sticker to a plastic device sold on e-commerce platforms.

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed more than 753,000 times and garnered 22,300 likes.

The plastic device can be easily “moved” from one car to another, and the whole process of use does not seem to have many problems.

Many netizens were interested in sharing RFID stickers with multiple cars, and some asked in the comment area if this is allowed.

If you can do it, you can, right?

TikTok user @terbelilagi on whether the RFID can be shared.

According to Touch ‘n Go’s Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) page, sharing RFID stickers with other people or cars is not allowed.

Violations could result in the suspension of the RFID stickers.

Authorities also say that only registered users can only use each RFID sticker.

In addition, sticking stickers to lights or windshields will also result in deactivation, and so will the use of additional devices to apply stickers on registered vehicles.

Once the RFID tag is attached, it cannot be torn off and reused.

Otherwise, it will be damaged to prevent other people from stealing and embezzling.

Technology Makes It Harder To Find Loopholes

On the Touch ‘n Go Terms of Use page, the platform reserves the right to suspend, terminate or limit the user’s account if any fraudulent or illegal conduct is discovered or suspected.

All toll booths using Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) can easily detect the mismatch between the license plate and RFID,

@eizuwan RFID bila nak improve ? Makin kelaut ✨ #techtok #touchngo #rfid ♬ original sound – ImBOY666⚡️

Shell RFID refuelling service also uses the license plate recognition system.

In addition, all car owners must purchase and activate individual RFID stickers for each vehicle.

You can bind up to 10 RFID stickers to one e-wallet account.

According to Touch ‘n Go, the RFID Tag is made of high-resistance materials to withstand weather conditions such as high temperature and rain, and the use time is about five years.

If the RFID sticker is damaged, it can be replaced for free using the following methods:

  • If the RFID Tag is damaged or cannot be used, apply for a free replacement method:
  • If the car owner has installed it at the Pusat Pemasangan RFID Authorization Center, he/she can return to the Authorization Center to get a new RFID Tag.
  • If the car owner purchased it through other channels or installed it on his/her own, he/she can browse the website or call Touch ‘N Go Careline to check.

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