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Mother And Daughter In Bentong Lost Almost RM12,000 After Clicking On Job Advertisement

Mother And Daughter In Bentong Lost Almost RM12,000 After Clicking On Job Advertisement

In total, the mother lost money amounting to RM11,300 which is from her pension savings.

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Cyber thieves are using new strategies, tactics and techniques to help increase the chances of success of their attacks against unsuspecting individuals.

Recently, two children in Bentong, Pahang, lost their savings in a bank account totalling almost RM12,000.

They lost the money after allegedly clicking on a job advertisement link for house cleaning services.

Cake seller Nurul Azilawati Abu Khalid, 34, lost RM500, while her mother, Habsah Johari, 53, lost her savings amounting to RM11,300 on August 18.

Sinar Harian quoted Nurul Azilawati as saying she clicked on a link about a house cleaning service job advertisement on a Facebook page.

She was interested in the ad, and they provided a link to make a fee payment of RM15.90.

However, the online transaction was unsuccessful.

I contacted the ad agent again and was informed that their bank account was in the process of being upgraded. They asked me to use the account of other banks but still failed to make the transaction.

Nurul Azilawati to Sinar Harian on how she was tricked into exposing her banking details.

The scammers then said they would check.

A Costly Lesson

Nurul Azilawati felt terrible and kept checking her and her mother’s accounts. They then discovered that both had lost money.

According to Nurul Azilawati, as much as RM500 in her account was transferred out for Touch ‘n Go transactions when she did not do so and did not even receive a TAC notification.

I checked the mother’s account and found that it was used for four transfers involving two transactions of RM10,000 on a man’s account and the remaining two transactions totaling RM1,300 for Touch’n Go.

Nurul Azilawati to Sinar Harian on the financial losses suffered.

Nurul Azilawati made a police report on the same day.

She is sad because the money is used as business capital while her mother’s money is from her pension savings.

In the meantime, Nurul Azilawati said she made a report to the bank, which informed the matter under investigation.

I’m tired of thinking about the results of hard work all this time suddenly disappearing like that.

Nurul Azilawati to Sinar Harian on her frustration and disappointment.
Nurul Azilawati (left) and her mother, Habsah, show the police report they made after claiming to have lost money from a bank account of almost RM12,000. (Pix: Sinar Harian)

Why We Should Not Click On Suspicious Links

Phishing is an email attack attempting to trick you into opening an attachment that contains a virus.

It could lead you to click a web link that contains a virus or visit a website which creatively asks for personal information.

It may also install malware on your devices, like viruses, spyware or ransomware.

This is all done behind the scenes, so it is undetectable to the average user.

If the addresses and list of recipients look suspicious or unfamiliar, it probably is, and you shouldn’t click on anything in it.

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