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“All Models Are Being Paid” Assures KLFW Founder

“All Models Are Being Paid” Assures KLFW Founder

Andrew Tan says that the money for models will go out on time as planned a month ago.

Anne Dorall

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The founder of KL Fashion Week Andrew Tan has released a statement after a model protested in front of KLFW2022.

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Model Alicia Amin protested at KLFW2022.
(Credit: Yelamango)

According to Andrew, all payments for models hired for KLFW2022 will go out on time, as they planned to do months ago before model and celebrity Alicia Amin protested at the event.

As mentioned in a previous statement, I will personally oversee all aspects of Finance. Payment will be made in full to my Model Casting Director in advance to the Fashion Week and all models are paid upon completion of the day.

Andrew Tan to TRP

Andrew also said that all previous payments have been handled and that he will be overseeing finances himself.

Some of the designs on display at KLFW2022.

He also says that KLFW has a bigger role to play for the Malaysian fashion industry. The 10th year, he said, just marks the beginning, and the organisation has a lot more to develop in terms of a fashion eco-system for the industries.

I started KL FASHION WEEK with nothing. This is a vision of mine to make a name for our country’s designers and I am extremely thrilled to see them grow and prosper.

Andrew Tan to TRP

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