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[Watch] Young Man Says Sorry For Making Fun Of Azan, Netizens Want Heavier Punishment

[Watch] Young Man Says Sorry For Making Fun Of Azan, Netizens Want Heavier Punishment

The young man was made to apologise to the public for his action.

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Insulting a person’s religion is, sadly, increasingly common around the nation of late.

Recently, a young man was ‘nabbed’ by netizens for making fun of azan, the Muslim call to prayer.

He was made to apologise for his action, which went viral after he uploaded it on social media.

Not much detail is known about the individual, who is said to be a blogger.

After being ‘picked up’ by netizens, he was admonished while being appropriately treated.

They also guided him on how to go about making his apology to the public.

Insulting Words Can Lead To Violent Actions

Meanwhile, netizens said the incident should remind people to stop insulting Islam to avoid untoward incidents.

Many expressed anger towards the young man and said he had been easily let off the hook because Malaysians are big-hearted and magnanimous.

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They are concerned that others will take the matter lightly if the young man is not punished heavily.

People are also doubtful if he has genuinely repented and will amend his future conduct.

Some called for the principle of “an eye for an eye” and wanted vigilante groups to take their actions.

They highlighted that mercy and forgiveness are always on the table, but people have a right to react to being wronged.

What that something amounts to is the real question at hand.

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A coalition of NGOs, the Friendship Group of Inter-Religious Services (FGIS), warned against repeated acts of making religion a joke subject.

In a statement, FGIS stressed that such actions could inflame tensions between communities, especially when it touches on the religious sensitivities of the people of this country.

We urge all irresponsible parties to stop making sensitive issues such as religion a joke and adhere to a harmonious life with mutual respect.

FGIS on the responsibilities to maintain ethics and principles of peaceful living.

What Is The Importance Of Calling Azan?

The azan is an Islamic call delivered by a muezzin (the person who recites the azan) from the mosque. 

This is a tradition that extends back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad. 

The azan, delivered five times a day, is to invite Muslims for obligatory prayers, the solat.

People encourage others to keep silent during the azan as a sign of respect.

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