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2,257 Days After Application, Malaysian Mother Still Waiting For Daughter’s Citizenship, NRD Sitting On Court Orders
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2,257 Days After Application, Malaysian Mother Still Waiting For Daughter’s Citizenship, NRD Sitting On Court Orders

The NRD appears to be taking its own sweet time to process the application despite court orders.

Fernando Fong

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As a parents, nothing can be more frustrating than to see their children living on borrrowed time with no identity.

A mother has been waiting for 2,257 days from the day she applied for citizenship for her daughter.

Twitter user @EstherJohor said that was how long since she made the application at consulate general of Malaysia in Frankfurt, Germany.

But since then, her daughter has yet to be granted citizenship by the National Registration Department (NRD).

The university lecturer followed up on the matter with visits to the NRD office, but to no avail despite obtaining court orders.

@EstherJohor said the NRD acknowledged receiving the application as per court order, but did not say when they will act on it.

She added that it has been 95 days since she submitted the relevant forms to the NRD at its headquarters.

Tired and disappointed of being given the run around, she wondered how long more does she still need to wait, or will she ever get it.

Mothers might be able to tolerate discrimination against ourselves but we can’t tolerate our children being discriminated. We want them to have their equal rights in their Mother-land.

Malaysian mother @EstherJohor on her mission impossible.

Protests Against NRD

@EstherJohor‘s plight had drawn the attention of netizens who expressed schock and disgust at the way she had been treated.

Renowned social activist Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir had also spoken out on the matter.

Some pointed out that non Malaysians had no trouble to obtain citizenships here.

As such, it does not make sense to them that a child born to a Malaysian mother is denied citizenship.

At the same time, netizens have started an online petition to help her and other Malaysian mothers facing the same injustice.

Causing More Problems Than It Has Solved

Netizens lamented how the civil service, though not all, is becoming an unresponsive government unto itself within the government.

They said civil servants are too focused on meeting key performance indicators (KPIs) or short-term goals rather than long-term visions.

Countless events and meetings are held to impress and please superiors, while specific, concrete objectives – that offers solutions and new approaches to problems and issues – are thrown out the window.

Although there is a Public Complaints Bureau (PCB) for the public to seek recourse, there is no specific body like an Administrative Appeals Tribunal or Ombudsman.

At the same time, the civil service continue to exert a heavy burden on taxpayers.

Despite claims of low pay by some, almost 45 percent of Malaysia’s national budget is spent on paying wages and pensions to past and present civil servants.

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