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Confessions Of An Ex-Mat Lajak; He Moved On From Bicycle To Motorcycle

Confessions Of An Ex-Mat Lajak; He Moved On From Bicycle To Motorcycle

The former Mat Lajak is neither ashamed of what he did nor would he outright discourage others, even his own son, from following in his footsteps.

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With public outrage over the jailing of Sam Ke Ting for a traffic accident, a netizen has stepped up to answer questions on basikal lajak (modified bicycles).

The timing could not be better, as Sam was sent to prison by the High Court for the traffic accident which killed eight teenagers on basikal lajak.

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Known as Ey Kall, the netizen posted on a Facebook group, Rejected Malaysian Memes, with about 7,700 members.

I’m an ex-budak lajak; ask me anything that probably I can answer.

Netizen Ey Kall inviting others to ask him about all things basikal lajak.

We compiled some of the questions for an easier understanding of the Mat Lajak psyche.

Were you allowed to go out late at night?

Are there any non-Malay Mat Lajak?

Do you regret being a Mat Lajak?

Will you allow your kid to become a Mat Lajak?

Why did you choose to become a Mat Lajak?

Is it true that Mat Lajak usually comes from a broken family?

What made you quit being a Mat Lajak?

What Makes A Basikal Lajak

The culture of basikal lajak is not a new thing in Malaysia.

Accordingly, the “sport” began to gain a foothold in Johor Bahru more than 15 years ago.

The essence of basikal lajak is racing a bicycle without brakes and going downhill at high speeds without any protection.

The activity usually starts at midnight leading to dawn.

Following Sam’s case, netizens demand that parents stop their children from getting involved in such dangerous activities.

The public has also expressed overwhelming support for Sam.

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Public indignance reached sky-high when the victims’ parents expressed relief at the sentence meted out to Sam.

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