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Petitions & Support Pour In For ‘Basikal Lajak’ Driver After Court Charge

Petitions & Support Pour In For ‘Basikal Lajak’ Driver After Court Charge

Sam Ke Ting was slapped with a heavy sentence, but netizens are divided over the ruling.

Anne Dorall

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Since 27-year-old Sam Ke Ting was charged guilty in the controversial ‘basikal lajak’ accident yesterday, there has been an outpouring of support for her.

Previously, she was acquitted of the charge in 2017, but was charged a second time after an appeal was made. This time, she was found guilty and has been sentenced to 6 years of jail and a RM6,000 fine, in addition to losing her driver’s license.

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With the new ruling, Malaysians are once again divided, with some finding it ‘unfair’ while others feel that it’s right.

Petitions To Get Her Out

Multiple petitions have been started by the public to seek justice for Sam Ke Ting, such as this and this, which argued that the charge was unfair and that she is innocent.

Both petitions noted that in magistrate Siti Hajar Ali’s judgement in 2019, Sam proved that she was driving responsibly, and that it is only reasonable to not expect children on modified bicycles on the dark hilly roads at 3am.

At the time of writing, both have over 300,000 signatures.

Online opinion divided

As is with any controversial topic, people are divided on the new ruling.

Many deem it unneccesarily harsh, especially when compared to other high-profile court cases, which also brought into question the impartial standing of the judicial system.

Many more wondered why there were 30 kids on the highways at 3.30am anyway, suggesting that it could be parental negligence.

However, some find it justified as it resulted in the death of children, though there were also those who argued that her driving was not reckless.

Regradless of where you stand, the entire situation is a messy one that is a tragedy for everyone involved.

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