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RM150 e-Pemula Credit Only Usable For Offline Payments Shocks Youth; But There’s A Hack

RM150 e-Pemula Credit Only Usable For Offline Payments Shocks Youth; But There’s A Hack

The credit is only usable at physical offline stores, but the youth are smart and have found another method anyway.

Anne Dorall

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Today is the first day to register and receive RM150 credits from the government under the e-Pemula scheme in an effort to transition the youth to cashless payments.

This RM150 credit is available to all full-time students or youth aged 18 to 20 via BigPay, GrabPay, ShopeePay and Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

Additionally, each platform will have their own incentives, vouchers, and discounts when you claim the credit via the respective platforms.

Not all is good news

However, terms and conditions apply for the usage of the e-Pemula credits, and it is restricted to use at physical, offline-stores only.

This includes ShopeePay, as these youth found out when they claimed their RM150 via the e-commerce platform.

While most assumed that having the e-Pemula credits in their ShopeePay wallet, it turns out that the credits are also only avilable for offline payments, not the e-commerce platform.

This means that you can use ShopeePay like a regular ewallet at physical stores, but you cannot use it to buy items from Shopee itself.

The Youth Find A Way Anyway

With all the ingenuity of the generation who grew up with technology, the youth quickly found a way to bypass the restrictions.

Twitter user Zefel introduced a way for the youth to spend their credit without the offline restrictions, by essentially setting up a QR code that pays yourself as if you are a physical store. That way, the credit gets transfered to the linked bank account and the RM150 is free of any restrictions of the platforms.

The process is a little lengthy, but other users in the comments have agreed that this method works and they are able to use the RM150 credit for online payments or other purchases after.

An Insincere Execution

Still, many youth are complaining about the unneccessary restrictions on the credits this time, finding it a deliberate inconvenience.

Many demand to know the reasoning behind the restrictions, especially since this credit is targeted at youth and full-time students who may not have easy access to transportation and rely on online shopping.

The e-Pemula credits are still available to be claimed until 1 June 2022 and are valid until 10 June 2022.

Still, it’s best to check the terms and conditions of each ewallet platform before you make the claim.

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