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Ministry To Take Action On Singaporeans Caught ‘Stealing’ Subsidized Petrol

Ministry To Take Action On Singaporeans Caught ‘Stealing’ Subsidized Petrol

The ban on selling subsidised petrol to foreign-registered vehicles has been in place since 1 August, 2010.

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Since 1 April, there have been several pictures showing a handful of Singaporeans entering Malaysia to ‘enjoy’ the country’s government subsidy for RON95 petrol.

Photos of drivers with Singapore-registred vehicle number filling up RON95 petrol in Johor has been going viral on social media.

The behaviour these neighbours from down south has come to the attention of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP).

As a deterrent, KPDNHEP announced the implementation of Ops Pantau 2022 to curb the illegal the sale of RON95 subsidized petrol to foreign vehicles.

Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi has ordered an investigation into the petrol stations that allowed the sale.

Meanwhile, petrol stations in Johor have also been instructed not to allow the sale of RON95 to foreign vehicles.

RON95 Petrol Not For Foreign Vehicles

The RON 95 is subsidized petrol which is reserved for locals only.

It is a violation of the government’s Supply Control Act to sell RON95 to foreigners.

Currently, Malaysian RON95 petrol at RM2.05 per liter is the 11th lowest in the world, which is cheaper than several oil producing countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Jordan and Oman.

Only RON 97 is allowed to be sold to foreigners at a price of RM3.91 per liter in Malaysia.

However, it is still much cheaper than the price of S$3.02 (RM9.37) for RON95 and S$3.51 (RM10.90) for RON97 in neighbouring countries because of the high tax on petrol.

Foreign vehicles are also allowed to refuel with diesel, limited to once a day with a 20-litre limit and only at petrol stations within 25km of the Malaysia-Singapore land borders. 

A Singaporean-registered car filling petrol in Malaysia. (Source: Facebook)

If foreigners fill 40 liters of RON95, the government will lose RM68 of people’s money to foreigners.

The calculation is based on the subsidy of around RM1.70 per liter for RON95 in Malaysia.

Malaysians Unhappy Singapore Cars Pumping Cheap Petrol

Malaysians are seeing red at the attitude of their neighbours down south for ‘stealing’ the subsidized petrol that is meant for the locals.

It didn’t help that most of the vehicles are expensive cars.

Malaysians could not understand why Singaporeans, who also enjoys a strong currency, need to ‘pilfer’ the subsidised petrol.

They demanded that the authorities take action against petrol station owners that allow it to happen.

Some suggest the use of technology to monitor foreign vehicles pumping petrol in Malaysia.

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A Long-Standing Problem

Meanwhile, Singaporeans also reacted to the fuss.

Some claimed that they can only fill limited amount, ignoring the fact that it is wrong to do in the first place.

Others said the Singapore government should also subsidies petrol for its people, while some said the petrol attendants should take the blame instead.

At the same time, some right minded Singaporeans urged their countrymen not to embarrass themselves and the country.

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