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17 Hikers Detained For Entering Gunung Nuang Without A Permit

17 Hikers Detained For Entering Gunung Nuang Without A Permit

The hikers claimed they were unaware of the need to apply for permits.

Fernando Fong

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The Bentong District Forest Office arrested 17 hikers who climbed Gunung Nuang through the Lentang Forest Reserve without a permit.

The hikers, aged 25 to 52, including five women, were detained by law enforcement officers while hiking through the forest reserve last Saturday.

Bentong District Forestry Officer, Muhamat Azman Yahya was quoted by Berita Harian as saying that the group came from Selangor to climb Gunung Nuang.

The hikers gave the excuse that they did not know the need to apply for a permit to enter the forest reserve.

The reason seems to be that this is the first time they are involved in mountaineering activities, while some of them said they had applied for a permit to enter the forest reserve with the Selangor State Forestry Department (JPNS) for climbing activities.

Bentong District Forestry Officer Muhamat Azman Yahya elaborating on the incident.
A warning sign by the forestry department. (Credit: Fernando Fong)

The forestry department lodged a report at the Bentong District Police Station before the group of climbers were released on police bail.

Muhamat Azman said individuals who entered forest reserves without a permit in the state could be prosecuted under Section 47 (1) of the National Forestry Act (APN) 1984.

If convicted, offenders could be fined up to RM10,000 or jailed for not three years or both.

Hikers doing a final check before starting their climb at Gunung Nuang. (Credit: Fernando Fong)

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Warning signs have been set up and there is no reason not to know about the rules for obtaining this permit. Our enforcement officers always conduct scheduled patrols along the route to Gunung Nuang and the Lentang Forest Reserve area.

Bentong District Forestry Officer Muhamat Azman Yahya urging hikers to heed the rules.

Accordingly, the number of those involved in Gunung Nuang climbing activities doubled over the weekend involving climbing activity enthusiasts who came from various states.

A hiker takes a break while climbing Gunung Nuang. (Credit: Fernando Fong)

In November 2021, Gunung Nuang was temporarily closed due to landslides and the monsoon season.

It was reopened last February.

Gunung Nuang is a popular destinations among climbers and lovers of natural beauty.

Due to the terrain, there had been numerous incidents of lost hikers.

In 2018, a hiker died while climbing Gunung Nuang.

Important Safety Tips For Hiking and Trekking

Whether you’re hiking for three hours or three days, you don’t want to have an “uh-oh” moment on the trail.

Exercise the same common sense and security precautions that you would anywhere else:

  1. Travel with someone. In case of an emergency it’s not a good idea to go it alone.  
  2. Notify local authorities of your itinerary.  
  3. Enlist an expert. 
  4. Be fit.
  5. Be prepared.
  6. Be weather wise.
  7. Get to bed early.  
  8. Don’t drink and hike.
  9. Be a quiet observer and take a few pics if you want. 
  10. Don’t pick flowers or other plants, and don’t blare loud music or talk too loudly.
  11. Fellow hikers come to enjoy the quietness of nature so be respectful.

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Members of the press and fire and rescue personnel during a hike at Gunung Nuang. (Credit: Fernando Fong)

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