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Will Netflix Charge Extra Charges For Sharing Accounts?

Will Netflix Charge Extra Charges For Sharing Accounts?

The additional fees for shared accounts shared is applicable for those who do not live together.

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Netflix is one of the popular digital streaming platforms that is a favourite choice for many.

Despite competition like Disney+, users are drawn to its huge library of constantly refreshed content and its easy accessibility across different devices.

It must be noted that due to regional-restrictions and a highly regulated cyber-laws in Malaysia, Netflix offers only 1503 titles over there.

In comparison, there are 8000 plus titles that it offers to its users in US.

Nevertheless, Netflix is a popular choice for Malaysians as it is affordable.

Users can share accounts to lessen the monthly fees which can be expensive for solo user.

However, the prices we see now may not last for long.

Netflix has recently said that they will charge additional fees for shared accounts used by those who do not live together.

This has come as a bad news, as most people share their Netflix accounts with friends and family members living in other residences.

In a statement, Chengyi Long, Netflix’s director of product innovation, said Netflix has “always made it easy for people who live together to share their Netflix account”, allowing people to create separate profiles on a single subscription.

But, accounts are being shared between households, impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members.

Netflix’s director of product innovation Chengyi Long on the new pricing mechanism.

How Can Netflix Know If Users Are From Same Household?

Netflix uses information such as IP addresses, device IDs and account activity from devices that sign in to a Netflix account.

The Basic plan (RM35 per month) also allows you to stream to one device at once, while the Standard plan (RM45 per month) allows you to stream to two devices at once.

The Premium plan (RM55 per month) allows you to stream to four devices at a time.

The new features will charge subscribers who share their accounts for up to two people outside their household.

Nevertheless, it will still be cheaper than registering another master account.

Malaysians can still enjoy the shared accounts at no extra charges for the time being.

The new pricing mechanism will be tested in Chile (RM12.50), Costa Rica and Peru (RM8.90).

Last year, the company introduced two-step verification, a more subtle way to curb password sharing.

Naturally, it has not gone down well with users.

They see it as nothing more than a way to make more money from existing subscribers as growth dampens.

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