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Nasi Lemak Loses Top Spot As Indonesian Chicken Porridge Voted The Better Food In South East Asia

Nasi Lemak Loses Top Spot As Indonesian Chicken Porridge Voted The Better Food In South East Asia

Malaysians could not believe that the flavourful nasi lemak is only considered as ‘OK’.

Fernando Fong

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The Chinese have a saying that “one mountain is higher than another mountain.”

It means if you think you are good, there’s always somebody else who’s better.

The aromatic and mouthwatering nasi lemak may be Malaysians’ all-time favourite food, but it’s only ‘so-so’ in South East Asia.

A poll conducted by the food-based editorial page Taste Atlas on Facebook has ranked chicken porridge from Indonesia, as well as lumpiang (spring rolls) and tortang along (eggplant omelette) from the Philippines, the best food in terms of taste and delicacy.

The chicken porridge collected 4.7 points and ranked third best food in Southeast Asia.

On the other hand, nasi lemak is just ‘OK’ with a score of 3.9.

Also in the same category with nasi lemak are chilli crab from Singapore and banh xeo (rice pancake) from Vietnam.

The results of the survey have left Malaysians dissatisfied.

After all, no one would want to see their culinary heritage being dismissed by others especially when the food is really fantastic.

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Netizens said that Taste Atlas has most likely not tasted the real nasi lemak.

They also questioned the way the poll was conducted.

Nevertheless, Malaysians said nasi lemak will always have a special place in their hearts.

Others pointed out that another Malaysian dish, the rendang, is nowhere in the poll.

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