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Facebook Scam: Shop Assistant Lost RM42,878 After Spending RM180 On A Table

Facebook Scam: Shop Assistant Lost RM42,878 After Spending RM180 On A Table

The victim was tricked into giving away his bank account username and password.

Fernando Fong

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Some scammers are now taking advantage of advertising potential ads on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Netizens would probably have noticed that these fake ads are everywhere.

Unfortunately, many people continue to fall for fake ads as the offer is too good to resist.

Recently, a 51-year-old shop assistant became a victim after buying a dining table for RM180 on Facebook, Utusan Malaysia reported.

Instead of getting a good deal, he ended up losing RM42,878.

Head of the State Commercial Crime Investigation Department (JSJK), Superintendent Mohd. Wazir Mohd. Yusof said the victim came across the ad last Tuesday.

The victim bought a set of dining table set as the price is very cheap, only around RM180.

Superintendent Mohd. Wazir Mohd. Yusof on why the victims fell for the scam.

Mohd. Wazir said the victim made the payment through a link provided by the suspect.

After clicking on the link, the victim had to enter his username and password for his bank account.

After the victim did so, he found that RM42,878 were gone from his bank account.

After the incident, the victim tried to contact the suspect but failed and suspected that he had been deceived. He then lodged a report at the Kuantan district police headquarters (IPD).

Superintendent Mohd. Wazir Mohd. Yusof on the victim’s encounter.

The case is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating and all the victim’s evidence has been recorded.

The Rise Of Online Shopping Scams

Scamming has long been a pitfall of the internet.

There is often an assumption that the victims have specific traits – that they are elderly or less well educated.

But no one is immune to fraud and sometimes people simply fall for scams due to the psychological techniques such as FOMO (the fear of missing out).

Online scam continue to rise due to the lack of oversight on social media marketplaces.

The growing number of newbies in online shopping brought by pandemic quarantines also provided easy target for scammers.

Fake ads selling popular items at dirt cheap prices is the usual trick in the scammers book.

Scammers also convince victims by creating fake shopping websites and swiping product images from real businesses.

Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed When Shopping Online

There are many useful tips that you need to know to shop online safely.

Facebook has also taken steps to address the issue with information on how to spot and avoid scams.

At the same time, the authorities always remind the public to be vigilant.

Good samaritans have also taken to social media to create awareness among netizens.

Accounts and phone numbers can be verified at to verify if the account or phone number has been involved in reported scams before making any payment transactions.

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