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[Watch] Fast And Furious: Road Bully Beats Van Driver Senseless After An Accident

[Watch] Fast And Furious: Road Bully Beats Van Driver Senseless After An Accident

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Many drivers have experienced road rage at some point.

Road bullies are known for having a bit of a temper and a big mouth, but sometimes they can really go crazy.

Recently, a shocking road rage incident had gone viral after it was recorded by a passer-by and uploaded to social media.

The incident involves a Proton Saga which is said to have been hit by a van at PUJ 3 in Taman Bukit Jalil.

In the video recording, the driver of the Proton Saga can be seen scolding the van driver in a furious manner.

As if devil-possessed, the road bully then started to punch the van driver.

Despite being beaten repeatedly, the van driver did not resist at all.

Instead of relenting, the Proton Saga driver dragged the van driver from his vehicle.

The road bully continued with the beating until the van driver was lying on the road.

The attacker did not pay any attention to the passing vehicles.

Other passersby tried to stop the ugly scene by honking at the road bully, but to no avail.

The road bully only stopped the beating when the van suddenly started to move backwards, prompting the road bully to get into the van and put on the brake.

Don’t Be A Jerk, Say Netizens

Netizens expressed their sympathy to the van driver and demanded the authorities to take action.

They pointed out that the road bully has no right to hit the van driver even if the latter was the guilty party in the accident.

Others said such behaviour can cost the offender in more ways than one – summon tickets, lawyers, court costs and damage to vehicles among others.

Netizens also think that anger management should be taught in driving lessons.

At the same time, it is shocking that some netizens actually supported the road bully.

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