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Not An Easy Choice: Muda Leadership Votes 5-3 In Favour Of Nurainie

Not An Easy Choice: Muda Leadership Votes 5-3 In Favour Of Nurainie

Muda VP Zaidel Baharuddin said Nurainie was voted in by people who disliked her.

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The Muda leadership voted 5-3 to appoint former PKR Srikandi head Nurainie Haziqah Shafii as its central executive committee member.

Muda vice president Zaidel Baharuddin said a select committee had interviewed Nurainie Haziqah before casting the vote.

Zaidel, himself a former Umno man, said most of the committee members are not on good terms with her.

They had been criticised by Nurainie in the past. And yet after the interview, a 5-3 decision in favour of Nurainie.

Muda information chief Zaidel Baharuddin on Nurainie’s appointment into the party.

Zaidel made the revelation during a meeting with Muda members from Shah Alam and Subang Jaya recently.

Nurainie’s appointment was announed by Muda president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman recently.

Muda VP Zaidel Baharuddin explaining Nurainie’s appointment to party members.

Qualities That Make A Great Team Player

The former Barisan Nasional Youth executive secretary said the committee appreciates the added value she brings.

Even though she had been critical of Muda, she has also been promoting young leaders, said Zaidel.

He added that Nurainie, a lawyer by profession, is very respectable for the work she had been with her own NGOs including being a strong advocate of domestic violence issue.

Nurainie co-founded 3 NGOs serving various objectives to help different underprivileged communities like Rohingya refugees, young women, single mothers, and urban poor.

Nurainie had support of certain segment of society which Muda lacks. She also has experience in managing organisations. We need to put aside ego and work with our critics to expand Muda’s influence.

Muda information chief Zaidel Baharuddin what Nurainie is bringing to the table.

He described Nurainie’s appointment as something which is outside Muda’ comfort zone.

On whether her appointment is the right decision, he said only time will tell.

In politics, we make peace with our enemies and not our friends.

Muda information chief Zaidel Baharuddin on making seemingly unpopular decisions in politics.

He said that’s the risk Muda has to make as there is nothing to say for sure if Nuraine will be another Azmin who betrays the party or otherwise.

Zaidel conceded that in politics, some difficult issues will take a long time to explain as compared to drawing a satirical cartoon.

A Controversial Appointment

Many had expressed disagreement with the appointment, citing ‘frog politics’.

They accused Nurainie of being a hypocrite without principles because she had quit PKR in May 2020.

She then joined Pemuda Negara, which supported former PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, as head of the women’s wing.

Those who defended the move said transitions from one party to another is normal and should be accepted, so long the person is not an elected representative who switch sides.

Others pointed out that she is not the only one who was formerly from other parties.

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