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KL GrabFood Merchant Rakes RM20K Monthly Sales, Up From RM500 In Just 4 Months

KL GrabFood Merchant Rakes RM20K Monthly Sales, Up From RM500 In Just 4 Months

It’s all about learning from weaknesses and taking the right steps to improve, says GrabFood merchant Fazzal Azmi.

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Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020, many have started small businesses to generate additional income for survival.

But despite the stiff online competition on these food delivery platforms, this online seller proved that it’s possible to grow your F&B business exponentially online.

Fazzal Azmi grew the sales revenue of his home-based business from RM500 to RM20,000 in just 4 months!

He even shared his secret recipe on social media with the hope that these tips can inspire and guide other small, home-based business owners.

A screenshot of Fazzal’s post. (Source: Facebook)

Month 1

In the first month, his sales were very bad. He brought in a measly RM500 after deducting the commission.

Month 2

In the second month, he changed the strategy where he realized his weakness.

I had no reviews or ratings, so customers are hesistant to give it a try.

GrabFood Merchant Fazzal Azmi on what prompted him to rethink his strategy.

He started by doing a promotion of a 10% discount for all his menus.

At that time there were only 5 menu items and they were all smoked-based recipes.

Fazzal’s offerings are simple yet sell very well after he changed strategy. (Credit: Fazzal Azmi)

From there, he saw a very significant increase in sales. Fazzal managed to bring in RM3,000 in sales after deducting the commission.

Month 3

In the third month, he reduced all his sales promotions to a 5% discount for his menus.

He also added a new menu of smoked meat fried rice – which no other vendor sells.

Besides making sure the fried rice portion is big, he also throws in an egg for free even though there is an additional charge for it.

Fazzal also started looking into customer insights and found that the ratio of his new and repeat customers is 50:50.

That month, he was able to increase his sales to RM9,000 after deducting the commission.

Along the way, promotions play an important role to bring in customers. (Credit: Fazzal Azmi)

Month 4

In the fourth month, he added 2 more menus, namely berlado (spicy sauce) smoked meat and berlado crispy fried chicken, which are rarely offered by his competitors.

With a price of RM30 and a 30% discount for the menu, he is able to get the desired margin after deducting the commission.

He then turned off the 5% promotion and 10% discount for all his menus.

That month, his sales reached 20k after deducting the commission.

He also runs a banner offering a 30% discount for selected menus.

The orders just keep coming in. (Credit: Fazzal Azmi)

After almost 9 months, alhamdulillah, I have many regular customers. I continue to diversify the menu gradually, building on a good reputation by maintaining a 4.9 star rating with almost 600 customer reviews.

GrabFood Merchant Fazzal Azmi on his achievements in less than a year.
Customer review is key. (Credit: Fazzal Azmi)

Fazzal said it’s important to diversify the menu because some customers order a lot, while others don’t want to eat fatty food.

He added that the average daily sales nowadays can easily hit RM1,500 without relying on promotions.

GrabFood offers many attractive promotions to its users. (Credit: GrabFood)

The Good Samaritan

Fazzal went the extra mile by offering some additional tips for businesses looking to grow on the food delivery platform:

  • Don’t be afraid to start a promotion. A new store must attract customers through promotion.
  • The SOP must be strict such as double-checking of order and so forth.
  • Before giving food to the rider, get him/her to mention the order number to avoid swiping the order by mistake.
  • Stick the order number on the plastic bag so that the riders would not confuse it with orders from other merchants.
  • Take customer reviews as positive vibes and keep improving.
  • Grabs ads are very solid if you are good at using them.
  • Don’t skimp on running promotions, and be patient to see the results.

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