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Mamak Bachelor’s Degree? Netizens Slam State Exco’s Proposal To Start A Roti Canai Academy

Mamak Bachelor’s Degree? Netizens Slam State Exco’s Proposal To Start A Roti Canai Academy

The state exco argues that roti canai making can be profitable career if done properly.

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Recently, netizens have criticized the proposal by a Negeri Sembilan state exco to open the first-of-its-kind roti canai academy in Malaysia.

The idea was proposed by Negeri Sembilan Youth and Sports Committee chairman, Mohamad Taufek Abd Ghani.

The Amanah politician is trying to convince the public of his idea through social media.

An initial discussion session involving all relevant parties was held in Negeri Sembilan recently.

According to the initial plan, a special syllabus will be drafted to be included in the list of short-term courses to be offered by the Negeri Sembilan Foundation Academy Group (KAYNS) to the youth.

Taufek, who is assemblyman for Paroi, hopes the idea would become a reality in the next two months.

Based on my observation, a career in the making of roti canai promises a lucrative return. The salary as a roti canai maker is also not bad.

Negeri Sembilan state exco Mohamad Taufek Abd Ghani on making roti canai as a career

Opinions Divided

Taufek’s proposal has been labelled as a disgrace by some netizens on social media and it seems they will never accept his idea.

A social media user, @Folkloreswifty questioned whether the country really needs an academy to make roti canai.

He said the experience can be easily gained by working at any mamak shop.

Netizens also worry that it would result in roti canai becoming more expensive as a result.

On the other hand, there are also those who seem to support the idea.

They believe that it should not be dismissed juts because of the perception that making roti canai is a lowly job.

Others said it is indeed profitable to earn a living by making roti canai.

They also praised the state exco for exploring ideas that are creative and unusual.

Lawyer and political secretary to veteran parliament member Lim Kit Siang, Syahredzan Johan, said a centre for excellence in roti canai can certainly help.

He said a time well spent in cuisine classes wouldn’t in anyway be a waste, because it’s where the art of food creation and presentation are perfected.

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