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Nightmare Tenant Leaves Behind Raw Fish And Bottle Of Urine For Horrified M’sian Homeowner

Nightmare Tenant Leaves Behind Raw Fish And Bottle Of Urine For Horrified M’sian Homeowner

Rizalmaruhan fears his tenant was living in the disgusting condition for some time.

Fernando Fong

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A posting on TikTok went viral when an individual known as Rizalmaruhan revealed that his tenant from “hell” leaves his house in filthiest condition.

In the video, the man showed a series of photo of the mess left behind, including raw fish waste as well as urine stored in a mineral water bottle.

Rizalmaruhan further explained that the tenant had never before hesitated or missed to make the monthly rental payment.

As such, it never dawned on him to making an inspection of the house from time to time.

However, the tenant’s dirty attitude was revealed when he received a complaint from another tenant.

Accordingly, there was an unpleasant smell coming from one of the rooms on the top floor of the house.

He has a decent job, and his car is above average. In addition, he always has a neat appearance and never had a problem paying rent. I never expected his room to be like that.

Landlord Rizalmaruhan on the carnage in his tenant’s room

According to other tenants, every week he would went out to wash the car, but they never saw him showering or cooking in the kitchen.

Horrendous And Unbelievable

Many social media users came forward to criticize the rotten attitude of the tenant and putting his landlord in this unenviable situation.

They said there will always be people who are dirty and make the house messy, be it women or men.

Netizens were also curious to find out the tenant is from which state.

However, Rizalmaruhan merely said that the tenant is from the East Coast.

He declined to name the state to avoid offending people.

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Do you have any experience dealing with dirty house tenants?

Tenancy management consultant and real estate negotiator Calvin Chai said said it’s important that landlords do not judge a book by its cover.

He said they need to carry out checks on their tenants prior to letting a property.

They should also carry out regular checks to ensure tenants are complying with their tenancy agreement and that the house is in a good state of repair.

Tenancy management consultant Calvin Chai to TRP on precautions that landlords can take

He said there is tenancy management services are gaining popularity in Malaysia as it saves landlords from hassle.

Tenancy management services help to screen tenant pools, ensure regular maintenance services and deliver customized reporting to the landlords.


Tenancy management consultant Calvin Chai (left) standing outside a property under his care in Ipoh. (Source: LinkedIn)

Chai said tenancy management services usually charge about 10% of the monthly rental.

When you sign a lease with tenancy management services, you’ll enjoy the benefits of hands-off, full-service property management and care. Seamless and easy for landlords, they just have to sit back and collect rent and tenancy management services will take care of the rest.

Tenancy management consultant Calvin Chai to TRP on how landlords can make their properties earn for them with minimal fuss

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