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[Watch] Food Delivery Riders Escort Senior Citizen Through Heavy Traffic

[Watch] Food Delivery Riders Escort Senior Citizen Through Heavy Traffic

Netizens praised the riders as unsung heroes for keeping the senior citizen company as she crossed a street.

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Every now and then, Malaysians are encouraged by the display of unity among all races living in this country.

Recently, two food delivery riders went out of their way to help an old aunty cross the street.

In a video uploaded by a TikTok user known as @nurilfarhanahibrahim, the riders accompanied the senior citizen as she crossed the road.

@nurilfarhanahibrahim ☺️ #kitabaikramaisayang #abanggrabfood #abangfoodpanda #fypシ ♬ original sound – Rina🍀cancer – I’m okey😊

In the 25-second video, the Grab Food and FoodPanda riders can be seen slowing down their motorcycles while accompanying the elderly woman.

After making sure the senior citizen reached the other side of the road safely, the two riders resumed their duties.

The newly uploaded video has garnered a lot of attention to the point of reaching more than 88,000 views within 24 hours.

Netizens were clearly impressed and thanked the riders for going the extra mile in being thoughtful.

Everyday Heroes

Netizens also pointed out that when something happens on the road, the food delivery riders are the first to extend help.

Despite the nature of their job which can be challenging, they gladly lend a hand not only in cases of accidents but whenever other people need help.

Not to mention the fact that food delivery riders face a higher risk of accident compared to other road users.

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Food delivery riders are always there to help others on the road. (Source: Facebook)

During the massive floods which hit the nation in December last year, food delivery riders also helped out.

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So, let’s be appreciative of the food delivery riders, who brave not only the traffic but also the weather to make sure we are well fed.

A food delivery rider braving the rain to deliver food. (Source: Facebook)

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