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[Watch] Youngsters Cook Maggi In Hotel Sink, Netizens Fuming At Unhygienic Way To Prepare Noodles

[Watch] Youngsters Cook Maggi In Hotel Sink, Netizens Fuming At Unhygienic Way To Prepare Noodles

Everything but the washing basin should go into instant noodle recipes.

Fernando Fong

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Malaysians really like instant noodles, which are often a necessity in times of hunger.

It’s not only delicious but easy to prepare, ready to eat in just two minutes by adding boiling water.

Although instant noodles are often said to be harmful to health, it is still the choice of many, especially in lockdown and quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, a video on the TikTok app went viral recently because of instant noodles.

In the video, a young man was seen ‘cooking’ two instant noodles in the washing basin of a hotel room, using a toothbrush as a chopstick.

The instant noodles, complete with seasoning, were presumably cooked with hot water from the tap.

Apparently, this is because the hotel does not provide bowls and spoons.

The needless stunt, which attracted more than 900,000 views at the time of writing, drew criticism from netizens.

Netizens regretted that the young man and his friends had nothing better to do.

Others pointed out that the washing basin is the dirtiest place, and certainly not suitable for cooking under any circumstances.

Netizens are also indignant at their sheer folly.

A Facebook user, Suria Sadri, said the youngsters have brought shame and embarrassment to their parents.

The youngsters were also criticized for seeking cheap publicity.

It was suggested that they cook the instant noodles in the toilet bowl and take their stupidity to the next level.

Hopefully, the youngsters will think twice about doing something the next time, especially before pressing the share button.

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