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#DaruratBanjir Didn’t Deter Malaysians Who Stuck Together Through Tough Times

#DaruratBanjir Didn’t Deter Malaysians Who Stuck Together Through Tough Times

Malaysians extend help and food aid immediately during floods, which shows that teamwork makes the dream work.

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As fellow Malaysians, news on the flood situation has got our worries afloat, and continuous hope for those affected amplified.

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It’s heartwarming to see Malaysians doing everything in their might to help one another. We are in need of generosity among Malaysians, especially during these times.

Here are some interesting ways people have come together and provided help for those in need during the flood.

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You can also browse a few here and contribute in any way that you can through these organizations or people.

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Sanitary Aid or #projectunderwear

This is a project to help female flood victims who are struggling with their menstruation and both males and females with other personal hygiene needs.

They provide kits containing undergarments and sanitary pads. The initiative has had successes before during the previous flood situation earlier this year.

Those who want to help can donate to their organization’s Tabung Kemanusiaan Majlis Belia Malaysia shown in their Twitter thread.

Samaritan Brought His Boat From Melaka To Help Victims

He has a boat, he has a Viva and he has the will to help others. This man hailing from Melaka came all the way to Selangor with his boat to offer help to those in need.

This sparked a warm heartfelt moment for us, thinking, there are still good people in this world.

To follow more on the thread, he clarified in a voice note from Whatsapp saying that he came from afar to help our brothers and sisters who are affected. Even if there’s any contribution given to him, he’ll make sure to redirect them to the ones who need it the most.

Delivering Food? Nope. Saving Cats? Yes.

A TikTok user has utilized his motorcycle food delivery bag to save stray cats that are affected during the flash flood episode.

He saved a total of 7 cats by putting them inside his two food delivery bags.

Netizens praised his actions and hoped for the best for this ‘Abang FoodPanda’.

Another good samaritan also offered to help take care of the victim’s pets by offering her available space for shelter and service to pick up those pets using a 4×4 truck.

This goes to show that every life, no matter human or not, deserves a save.

Future notes to pet owners, when crises like these happen, do remember to keep your pets out of their cages or leashes.

Gurudwara Sahib PJ, A Site For Interracial Volunteerism

Being a place of assembly and worship for Sikhs, this place is now opening its gates for people to do volunteer work.

People from all over races and religions came to lend a hand at Gurudwara Sahib in Petaling Jaya, cooking hot meals for flood victims in the Klang Valley area.

Credit: @sadhosays / Twitter

They prepare vegetarian/halal food to be sent out to the affected victims. For those in the area who wanna help, they also listed some of the stuff they need to prepare the food. Check the tweets by @sadhosays for more info and updates.

Wedding Food Turned To Humanitarian Aid Food

What is supposed to be food for guests during a wedding in Meru, Klang, changed to food prepared for flood victims in a temporary evacuation center nearby.

The couple decided to cancel their wedding reception and instead work together with their catering team to provide food for the ones affected.

Netizens expressed their wholehearted gratitude for this couple and some even suggested chipping in together for a new wedding reception for them.

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The video is uploaded in TikTok by one of the people from the catering team. She further said that they didn’t manage to help everyone there but it’s the least they could do.

Some of us have the resources, will, and ability and to help and some of us can only pray and hope for the best.

We all can play a part during this tough time, either by contributing monetary aid or just spending time to get the public to be aware of this.

With awareness, you can also get the right people to contribute to the aid. You, too, can help.

However, stop spreading fake news. Do research, get affirmation, and be up to date with the information first before sharing. #kitajagakita #daruratbanjir

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