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More Chicken Drama: Government To Stop Importing Frozen Chicken From February 2022

More Chicken Drama: Government To Stop Importing Frozen Chicken From February 2022

10,000 tonnes of frozen chicken to be imported each month to ease supply shortage.

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In February next year, will the government halt the import of frozen chickens?

Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee was quoted by Utusan Malaysia as saying that domestic chicken farmers have promised the government to increase production.

Once the supply of chicken stabilizes in February next year, the government will stop importing frozen chicken.

He said that the current shortage of broilers in the country was mainly due to the reduction in production by chicken farmers during the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

But with the implementation of the National Recovery Plan, the demand for broilers had increased.

In addition, he also said that the current daily demand for broilers in the country is 3,762 metric tonnes or 2 million birds per day.

Raw chicken parts. (Credit: Freepik and Pixabay)

10,000 Tonnes Of Frozen Chicken Imported Each Month

MAFI has approved the import of frozen chickens from this month until February 2022 to meet market demand for chicken meat, despite opposition from local chicken wholesalers.

The government will consider allowing the import of up to 10,000 metric tonnes or 5.5 million chickens per month under specified conditions.

In this regard, companies wishing to import must be registered with the Malaysian Companies Commission (MCC) and have frozen storage facilities.

Only countries and slaughterhouses approved by the government will be allowed to import.

Ronald, who is Bersatu’s lone non-Muslim bumiputera MP, was replying to a question in Dewan Rakyat by Datuk Fasiah Fakeh (Bersatu-Sabak Bernam).

MAFI Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee. (Credit: Malay Mail)

Fasiah asked the government to explain the extent of the shortage of chicken supply in the market now.

She also wanted to know the extent to which measures to allow the importation of frozen chicken from abroad would be able to overcome and solve the shortage of chicken supply.

The import of chicken is a temporary measure to cover the shortage of chicken supply in the country. The ministry will continue to monitor the local chicken market plan and once it returns to stability, this importation effort will be stopped.

MAFI Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee on the chicken shortage

The government had imported 7,000 tonnes of frozen chicken from China and Thailand, which were expected to arrive in the country in a few days’ time.

All imported frozen chickens are Halal certified and local consumers need not be concerned.

Chickens for sale at Ipoh’s wet market. (Credit: Farhan Najib Malay Mail)

Improving Food Security

At the same time, Ronald explained that the government is currently formulating a policy to reduce the rate of dependence on chicken feed from abroad such as corn and grains.

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In addition, based on analysis by the veterinary department, there is an average shortage of 18% in chicken supply in October and November, and the shortage is estimated to continue into December.

Continuous steps are being made by the government. We will see the action that needs to be taken by the ministry to reduce the dependence on imported livestock feed such as corn cultivation. We will also conduct research with other institutions according to what is outlined.

MAFI Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee on improving food security

Recently Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri announced that 200 to 300 containers of frozen chicken will be imported from foreign countries to give local consumers the option of buying farm chickens or cheaper frozen chickens.

Some local chicken wholesalers and suppliers urged the government not to import chicken.

Their argument is that that the current price of chicken is RM8.30 per kilogram and if it drops to RM8 per kilogram, they will suffer losses.

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