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From RM2 To RM20: Car Owners Outraged At Bukit Jalil Stadium Parking Fee Hike

From RM2 To RM20: Car Owners Outraged At Bukit Jalil Stadium Parking Fee Hike

The parking fee stole the thunder at the long-awaited 2021 Malaysia Cup final.

Fernando Fong

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The price of everything seems to be going up these days.

Cooking oil, seafood, chicken and vegetables are all hitting record highs.

Meanwhile, parking fees are surging too which is certainly unwelcome news for Malaysians as the majority of them own a car.

Chinese media Sin Chew reported that a netizen had a shock when he went to Bukit Jalil National Stadium to watch the 2021 Malaysia Cup Final.

Upon arrival, he was aghast to find that the car park, which was only RM2 previously, had gone up to RM20!

Although the game starts at 9 pm, some fans arrived as early as 4 pm.

Upon realizing that the parking fee is so exorbitant, they immediately posted about it on social media to remind other fans to take public transportation.

TikTok user @Faizaljurani_ posted a time-limited video showing a receipt for the parking.

A screenshot of the RM20 parking fee receipt. (Source: TikTok)

As can be seen from the photos posted on the Internet, the parking fee receipt does say RM20!

Other netizens also posted their unpleasant surprise.

Who Profits From The ‘Crime’

In addition, some netizens pointed out that because the parking fee is RM20 per entry, the car park management stands to make a killing.

Although it is difficult to do business due to the impact of the epidemic and the rising prices of goods, such unreasonable on-site price-hike is really hurting the consumers’ pockets.

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Apparently, as of 2 pm on 1 December, the management of the relevant garage had not responded to this.

Do you think such price hikes are reasonable?

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