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Covid-Positive Netizen Shared Entire Weekend Itinerary To Warn Others Of Potential Contact

Covid-Positive Netizen Shared Entire Weekend Itinerary To Warn Others Of Potential Contact

Those who ‘jalan-jalan’ in crowded areas should still always beware of potential contact with Covid-19.

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With the nation’s coronavirus vaccination rate exceeding 90% for adults, the government has gradually opened up various economic activities.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are loosened so people who have completed the vaccination can resume their everyday life. 

Nevertheless, the coronavirus is still out there, and there is always a chance of catching or spreading the Covid-19 virus even if you have the full vaccination.

Many people who’ve been vaccinated don’t notice their Covid infection due to few or no symptoms as a result of protection from the vaccines.

People are urged to check their MySejahtera regularly as the app scans for exposures to Covid-19 and shows a risk status. 

 The app also recommends the right course of action through its helpdesk.

After all, many people are still not aware of the current rules for quarantine when coming into contact with people who’ve contracted Covid-19.

Yesterday, ‘Jalan-Jalan’ KL. Today, Covid-19 Positive

A couple recently took the initiative to put together a thread to share their experience of finding out they were infected with Covid, including places that they had been.

They tested positive the following day after they went out to watch movies and have dinner on Sunday.

They tweeted an apology to the public and listed where they had been, with the hope that people would pay attention to it.

Accordingly, before the Covid-19 positive confirmation, they had been to Mid Valley Megamall and a restaurant in the Bukit Bintang area. 

The locations are Carl’s Jr at Mid Valley (11 am – 12 pm), GSC Cinema Eternals (12.50 pm show, Hall 1, Row C, Seat 12) and Super Boring Club at Bukit Bintang (5 pm – 6.30 pm).

They added that they could not fully remember the stores they had been to and apologized to everyone.

Couple Stayed Home After Being Diagnosed

In another tweet, they also stressed that they did not go out after being diagnosed. 

They were still feeling healthy the day before, but it was only early Tuesday morning that they suddenly showed symptoms.

They immediately went for an RTK test at a clinic which confirmed their diagnosis.

Vaccinations Completed

In response, a netizen asked them if they had completed their vaccination, to which they responded yes.

Accordingly, they had been vaccinated several months ago.

They were also asked to show a screenshot of their check-in record in MySejahtera.

A screenshot of the couple’s MySejahtera history as shared by them.

So, let us all be reminded that the coronavirus is still very much around us. 

It is essential to follow the SOPs when out and about to lessen the chance of infection.

For those who have visited the same place as them at a similar time, get tested and try to stay home as much as possible!

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