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MKN Updated The PPN Phase 4 SOP. Here’s What Changed.

MKN Updated The PPN Phase 4 SOP. Here’s What Changed.

The 8 October update to the PPN Phase 4 SOP looks minor, but it has major implications.

Azizul Rahman Ismail

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Here at TRP we do our very best to get you the information you need, every day. That’s why we have been taking the liberty of translating the relevant official PPN SOP as soon as we can after MKN publishes them.

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But sometimes, MKN puts out minor updates so fast that it’s better if we tell you what changed instead. 

What Changed?

We compared the PPN Phase 3 SOP published on 4 October to the one that was published on 8 October. Here is what we found:

  • Johor enters Phase 3 while Pahang moves on to Phase 4. Senior Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein announced this on 7 October. 
  • The “crowded” qualifier is removed from public areas where you need to wear a mask. It now says that it is compulsory to wear a mask in public areas except for activities and locations listed. Crowded or not.
  • Operating hours for wholesale markets have been removed. Previously, these markets could only operate between 12:01 am to 6:00 pm and 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • It also now stipulates that the wholesale market can operate based on its license and permit issued by the local authorities, and with the condition that the workers are fully vaccinated. 
  • Attendance for marriage registration and wedding ceremonies for non-Muslim weddings is set by JPN and SOP by KPN. Previously SOP did not include wedding ceremonies and SOP by KPN.

What’s Notable

Masks are a must in all public areas, crowded or not, except for:

  • Hotel rooms or paid accommodations and involving household/family members.
  • Solitary private workspace.
  • During outdoor sports and recreational activities.
  • In a personal vehicle with members of the same household.
  • Indoor or outdoor public areas and places without the presence of other individuals.
  • While eating and drinking in public without any other individuals (other than in restaurants or food premises).

Also, wedding ceremonies for non-Muslim weddings are now allowed. The number of attendees however is limited by the JPN and the event must follow the SOP set by KPN. 

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