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There Are Folks Who Would Bribe & Lie Rather Than Accept Free Vaccines

There Are Folks Who Would Bribe & Lie Rather Than Accept Free Vaccines

Clinics are being offered three times more than the cost of self-paying vaccination for a fake certificate.

Azizul Rahman Ismail

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When the government announced perks for those who are fully vaccinated, it created a demand for Covid-19 Vaccination Digital Certificates/Cards.

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Of course, that leads to some unsavoury types coveting the certificates without taking the actual vaccine. 

So much so that a general practitioner (GP) in Penang received an offer of RM1,000 for a fake Fully Vaccinated status, reported The Star. That is almost three times more than a self-paying vaccination at a private clinic, which is RM350.

Fake certificates have serious ramifications legally and medically. 

Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Associations Malaysia president Dr Steven Chow explains that any document certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner has a serious legal responsibility attached.

To be fair, he also pointed out that those who are willing to fake their “Fully Vaccinated” status may not be all anti-vaxxers. Some may just be in a hurry to travel. 

Make Sure It’s Real

Because the Covid-19 Vaccination Digital Certificates/Cards are a hot “commodity”, there are things that you can do to prevent them from being misused. 

If you have a Covid-19 Vaccination Digital Certificate/Cards never share screenshots of your certificate, in person or on social networks. If your certificate has been misused, lodge a police report.

If you own a premises, make sure that your patrons have a low-risk status, check that they are fully vaccinated, and make them scroll their profile page to make sure it is not a screenshot. 

Also, verify their certificate using the Vaccine Certificate Verifier app, and cross-check their MyKad number.  

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