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Belligerent Man Defiant About Not Wearing A Mask, Malaysians Outraged By Reckless Behaviour

Belligerent Man Defiant About Not Wearing A Mask, Malaysians Outraged By Reckless Behaviour

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A viral video recently popped up that got Malaysians all riled up for all the right reasons.

“Who is this trash?” asked @Mausters on twitter aptly referring to the man in a viral video posted on TikTok. 

The video posted by @lyncentino shows a maskless long haired man wearing a black tank top visiting a nasi lemak stall run by Lyn and her mother. 

When her mom asked the man about his mask, he turned belligerent and rude, throwing insults at her and questioning her authority.

A regular customer at the stall tried to help diffuse the situation, reminding the man that following the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is the law. Instead the man turned his aggression towards the customer, threatening him and getting in his face. 

Lyn is then seen stepping in and helping her regular customer out.



♬ original sound – Lyn centino

Get the police

Perhaps the police could find this man who did not follow the SOP and threatens the people, said one tweet.

PDRM, please investigate and find out how this person is immune to COvid-19, said another.

Perhaps he is scared now, in the viral age, netizens are fast at making police work easier. Who is this person, said another.

No one likes a bully

With thousands of infections detected each day, thousands in the hospital, and death tolls reaching a hundred or more a day, Most Malaysians know and understand the importance of following the SOP to the letter.

However, because of thoughtless and selfish people like the man in this video, this war with Covid-19, is far from over.

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