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Vaccination Does NOT Mean Immunity, Says Health DG

Vaccination Does NOT Mean Immunity, Says Health DG

Prevention is better than cure, so you should definitely still follow SOPs to minimize risks of catching Covid-19.

Anne Dorall

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Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah yesterday reiterated that a full vaccination does not grant immunity to Covid-19 but it will lessen the severity, which means lesser hospital admissions and lesser deaths.

This is also why it’s crucial for senior citizens to receive protection first, as the data show that they are most susceptible to succumb to Covid-19. Lesser effects would mean that the body will not take as much damage and allow the patient better chances of recovery.

It came as a shock for the rakyat to learn that fronline healthcare workers can, and do, get infected with Covid-19 even after two doses of vaccines.

However, despite the infection, the percentage of severe cases dropped significantly. For fully vaccinated healthcare workers who were unfortunate to catch Covid-19, only 0.1% had pneumonia, 0.1% required oxygen, and not a single one required admission into the ICU.

Which means, 99.8% of all healthcare personnel who caught Covid-19 after their full vaccination only had mild or no symptoms at all.

Hence, when the Health Ministry says that “vaccines saves lives”, it’s not to say that a full vaccination will make you immune to Covid-19.

It does, however, make Covid-19 much, much easier to recover from with much less severe symptoms– and much less likely to die from it.

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