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Prime Minister Announces RM150 Billion PEMULIH Recovery Plan

Prime Minister Announces RM150 Billion PEMULIH Recovery Plan

PEMULIH will involve direct financial assistance and allocations to all MPs, among others.

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Prime Minister Tan Sri Mahiaddin Md Yasin today announced the RM150 billion Rakyat Protection and Economic Recovery Package (PEMULIH) as Malaysia continues to remain in lockdown under Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan.

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The total value of the PEMULIH package is RM 150 billion ringgit and includes the government’s direct fiscal injection of 10 billion ringgit.

PEMULIH has three main focuses: continuing the People’s Concern Agenda (Agenda Prihatin Rakyat), supporting businesses, and improving vaccination rates .

Continuing the Agenda Prihatin Rakyat

Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat or BPR.

The government has agreed to pay in additional to the BPR, up to RM500, in July and the payment will made in stages starting tomorrow (29 June).

The third phase of the BPR will include assistance ranging from RM 100 to RM 1,400, and will be paid in September.

September will also involve payment for BPR appeal cases.

Covid-19 Special Assistance

Households in the hardcore poor category will receive assistance of RM 500 ringgit in August, RM500 ringgit in November, and RM300 December, while single individuals in the hardcore poor category will receive assistance as much as RM 200 ringgit in August and RM300 in November.

Households in the B40 category will receive as much as RM500 ringgit in August and RM300 in December, while singles in the B40 category will receive assistance of RM200 in August.

Households in the M40 category will receive RM250, while singles in the M40 category will receive RM100 in August.

Income Loss Assistance

In October, as much as RM500 will be channeled to workers who lost their income based on EPF or SOCSO data in 2021.

The Government will also expand the Job Seeker Allowance to non-SOCSO contributors especially new graduates, school leavers, and informal sector workers. They can register at the MYFutureJobs platform and will receive an allowance of at least RM300.

The government will allocate RM125 million through HRD Corp. to implement the Place and Train initiative under the Janapreneur programme especially to school leavers and graduates. 

MDEC will also improve the existing programs, namely eRezeki and GLOW in order to help over 20,000 job seekers in the gig economy.

Food basket assistance programme

The government will allocate RM300,000 to each Member of Parliament to implement a Food Basket Assistance programme to help affected groups in their in their respective areas.

Additionally, RM10 million will be provided for the purpose of implementing a special Food Basket Assistance programme for the Orang Asli.

Oil prices remain

Retail prices for RON95 petrol, diesel, and LPG, will remain.

To address the issue of the increasing prices of 1 kilogram to 5 kilogram bottled cooking oil,  the government will implement a Price Control program based on the threshold value of Crude Palm Oil.

To ensure the supply of 1 kilogram polybag packed cooking oil is guaranteed, the government will provide an additional allocation of RM1 billion. This will fix the price of a 1 kilogram polybag pack of cooking oil at a subsidized price of RM2.50.

Psychosocial support

The government will expand psychosocial support through channels such as talian kasih.

RM15 million will be allocated to non-governmental organizations or NGOs to assist the government in addressing social issues such as mental health, homelessness, and other social problems at the community level.

Electricity bill discounts

A 5% to 40% discount on electricity bills will be given according to the use with a maximum limit of 900 kWh a month. 

A discount of 40% will be given to electricity consumption below 200kWh per month and 15% for consumption between 201kWh to 300kWh per month. 

This discount will go into effect for a period of three months beginning with the July 2021 bill.

For the affected sectors of the economy especially hotel operators, theme parks, convention centers, shopping malls, local tourism office as well as travel and tourism agencies, an electricity bill discount of 10% will be extended for another three months, from October to December 2021.

Free internet

The country’s major telecommunications service provider companies have agreed to extend the provision of 1 gigabit of data, daily, for free, until the end of the year.

Mobile banks

Mobile banking services have been launched this month in Sarawak and Bank Simpanan Nasional will start the facility in Sabah in July. 

To make it easier for more people to get banking services, the government will offer an allocation of RM18 million for local banks to provide about 30 Mobile Banks units in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak. This includes 250 rural areas and mukims. 

Through this initiative, the people can access various banking services including opening accounts; depositing, withdrawing, and transfering money; paying bills as well as digital banking.

Supporting businesses

Geran Khas Prihatin (GKP) 4.0

The government has agreed to provide additional payments under Geran Khas Prihatin (GKP) 4.0 to the eligible recipients. RM500 will be paid in September and RM500 again in November 2021.

Program Subsidi Upah (PSU) 4.0

Through the Program Subsidi Upah (PSU) 4.0 initiative the government will accommodate up to 500 workers for each employer at a rate of RM600 per-employee for a period of four months; 2 months for all sectors in Phase 2 of PPN, and the next 2 months specifically for sectors categorised in the negative list during Phase 3.

Under PSU 4.0, there are no salary limit conditions. This means, employers can apply for PSU 4.0 for its employees who earn more than RM 4,000.

HRD Corp levy exemption

HRD Corp levy exemption for a period of two months will be given automatically to employers who are currently unable to operate under MCO.

Additionally, employers from new sectors that are included as a result of an extension of the Perbadanan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001,  will get an extension of levy exemption until 31 December 2021.

New jobs

Under the National Employment Council or NEC, the government will create employment opportunities and skills training placements through collaboration strategies between Government agencies and industry players.

Through the PenjanaKerjaya program by SOCSO, the government has provided financial incentives to employers who provide new job opportunities.

PenjanaKerjaya 3.0 programme will continue with some improvements. The salary eligibility limit is lowered from RM1,500 to RM1,200.

The term of the employment contract will also be relaxed from 12 months to 6 months for the category of employees aged 50 years and above, the disabled, and ex-convicts.

Go online and cashless transactions

To Encourage digitisation and cashless transactions the government has developed the Program Pemerkasaan Pendigitalan Usahawan Kecil or PUPUK with an allocation of RM200 million for micro, small and medium enterprises (PMKS) and RM100 million for small and medium enterprises (PKS).

For the entertainment industry

The government will allocate RM100 million in the form of financing facilities and financial assistance support.

These provisions include incentives for the production of creative works and digital content, career opportunities, skills upgrading programs, contributions protection under SOCSO, as well as the acquisition of products for production purposes in television, radio, and songwriting.


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