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Kota Setar District Religious Officer Rebukes Mak Teh’s Anti-Vaccine Rhetoric

Kota Setar District Religious Officer Rebukes Mak Teh’s Anti-Vaccine Rhetoric

The video debunking the viral WhatsApp voice message is entertaining and informative.

Azizul Rahman Ismail

Sometimes it feels like the one thing that could travel faster than light is a conspiracy spread through WhatsApp. Recently one of those conspiracies came in the form of a voicemail by someone from Kedah who is identified only as Mak Teh.

In the voice clip, Mak Teh said that she heard from the husband of a nurse in a hospital that 30 to 40 nurses and even hospital staff had died from taking the second Covid-19 infection. It is kept a secret, of course. She also claims that a doctor told the nurse who told her husband who told her that the vaccine contains poison. 

Mak Teh then advises everyone to tell their family members who took the second shot of the vaccine to take action immediately. Drink lots of coconut water, don’t take medication, use natural remedies, eat only greens and in short do whatever they can to purge the effects of the injection from their body. 

Enter Syeikh Faizol

In a response video, Kota Setar District Religious Officer, Syeikh Faisol Hj. Omar said that Mak Teh sounds like she is from Kedah, but her voice has been heard across Malaysia and even across the world.

Faisol rebukes Mak Teh’s claims and calls it inappropriate.

“Coconut water is only good for quenching thirst, and some home remedies. But not for treating Covid-19. If that were true, if it works against the pandemic, the government would have tanks of coconut water at each hospital,” said Faisol.

He said that we all should appreciate health officials as they work day and night to combat the pandemic. 

“From the Director-General of Health to everyone who works in the health sector: the doctors, the nurses, and ambulance drivers and everyone in between,” added Faisol.

DR M tags in

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s response to Mak Teh

He included Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s response to Mak Teh in his video as well.

In it, Dr Mahathir said that we can’t tell people that vaccines killed 40 people without verifying the truth.

“I don’t believe it is the truth because my wife and I had been injected with the vaccine and nothing happened. Now we are more protected from the pandemic,” began Dr Mahathir. 

“Statements like this are a death sentence to those who did not get the vaccine. If those people who didn’t get the vaccine because of statements like this die, it is Mak Teh’s fault. It is your sin.

“If Mak Teh doesn’t believe that the vaccine works, go ahead and drink a lot of the coconut water and kiss a Covid-19 patient and see what will happen. Can coconut water help you?” added Dr Mahathir.

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