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If You Can’t Get Your Vaccine Appointment, Your MySejahtera App May Have A Bug

If You Can’t Get Your Vaccine Appointment, Your MySejahtera App May Have A Bug

Makers of app suggests uninstalling and reinstalling app to fix issues.

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My mum had this problem with the MySejahtera app. Her vaccination page did not show her name and she could not check her vaccination status. Puzzled, thinking that it is a temporary bug, we waited three days before I decided to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Turns out she had a vaccine appointment. She did not receive a call, or an SMS, and we would not have known about it if we did not uninstall and reinstall the app.

That was weeks ago. My mum is getting her second shot next week.

Today, the folks at MySejahtera posted this on their twitter page.

What they are saying is, if you are facing the same problem as you see here, remove and reinstall the app on your phone. This will also require you to log in again. If you forgot the password, don’t worry, retrieving it is simple.

How do I do that?

How to remove an app depends on the make and model of your smartphone. Most smartphones, like the iPhone, just require you to press and hold the MySejahtera app icon and choose the ‘remove app’ or its equivalent option.

Then, reinstall the app by going to the Apple App store or Google Play Store and downloading it again.  Don’t forget to log in again as well.

Apart from using their MySejahtera app to enter a shop or a mall, few people would check their vaccine status on the MySejahtera app frequently. Fewer still would think of uninstalling and reinstalling the app because of it. 

So, please, check the Covid-19 Vaccination flow page on the MySejahtera app and those of your loved ones and reinstall the app if you see the same issue.

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