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MKN’s Official Raya Aidilfitri 2021 SOP As Of 11 May (In English)

MKN’s Official Raya Aidilfitri 2021 SOP As Of 11 May (In English)

No Raya banquets, visiting homes or cemeteries, and no open houses.

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For your convenience, we’ve translated to English the latest Hari Raya Movement Control Order (MCO) standard operating procedure (SOP) released by the National Security Council (MKN). This translation is provided “As Is” so please refer to the original document (linked at the bottom) where necessary.



  • All mosques, suraus and areas declared in the Movement Control Order (MCO).
  • Implementation in the Federal Territories and references implementation in other states.

Prohibited Activities

  • Please refer to the matters listed in the List of Prohibited Activities (Negative List) in the MCO SOP.

Fixed Instructions

Operating Times

  • The time is according to the activities carried out.

Number of Congregation/Participants allowed

  • What is appropriate in accordance with the provisions in this SOP and by state religious authorities with physical distancing and compliance with the SOP.



Hari Raya Takbir

  • Hari Raya Takbir in a mosque or surau is ALLOWED for mosque or surau committee members only.
  • Takbir activities from house-to-house are NOT ALLOWED.

Aidilfiti Sunnah Prayer

  • ALLOWED in a mosque or surau with the number of worshipers according to the following regulations:
    • Mosques with a capacity of more than 1,000 people: Maximum limit of 50 worshipers
    • Mosques with a capacity of fewer than 1,000 people: Maximum limit of 20 worshipers
  • Mosques or suraus listed in the Hotspot Identification for Dynamic Engagement (HIDE) list must take intervention action, namely implementing premise sanitation, improve control and monitoring of congregation compliance and implement premise closure if directed by the District Health Officer after the risk assessment is conducted.

Banquet After Hari Raya Sunnah Prayers



Hari Raya Visiting Programs


Visiting Of Cemeteries


Open Houses or Hari Raya Banquets


Contagion and Infection Control

  • Set up a counter at the entrance of the mosque or surau to check body temperature, hand sanitation and congregation attendance records.
  • Entrances should be limited in number to facilitate control.
  • Increase the number of exits to reduce congestion for the dispersal of the congregation.
  • Regularly sanitize the prayer room and the surrounding area, including toilets and ablution rooms.
  • The use of toilets should be limited according to the number of toilet rooms available at one time.
  • Individuals with a temperature above 37.5 C as a fever or symptoms are not allowed to enter the mosque or surau and need to seek treatment at a health facility.

Control and Detection

  • The mosque or surau committee must have sufficient staff to assist in the control of the congregation.
  • The use of the MySejahtera application is mandatory in areas of widespread internet access. The use of congregation attendance registration books is only allowed in areas where there is no internet coverage or other on reasonable grounds (senior citizens, absence of smartphones, etc.).
  • The mosque or surau committee must ensure that only congregations with low-risk status in MySejahtera, are allowed to enter the mosque or surau.

Congregational Management

  • The mosque or surau shall establish a task force to control the congregation who attend the mosque or surau.

Congregational Ethics

  • Avoid 3S: that is, avoid crowded, narrow areas and close chats.
  • Practice 3W: that is, wash your hands often (wash), MUST wear a face mask (wear), and follow the MOH warning (warn).
  • Must take ablution at home, but allowed to renew it at the mosque or surau.
  • Must bring their own prayer mat.
  • Avoid shaking hands and touching others who are present.
  • Must enter and exit the mosque by taking turns in an orderly manner and keep the distancing under control.
  • Should disperse in a calm state.

For more information, you can take a look at the official SOPs in Bahasa Malaysia, or check out the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures within Infected Local Areas) (Movement Control) Regulations 2021.

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