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SOP For Barbershops, Hairdressers, and Beauty Salons As Of Feb 9 (In English)

SOP For Barbershops, Hairdressers, and Beauty Salons As Of Feb 9 (In English)

No manicures or pedicures, or head or shoulder massages either.

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Operating hours and hours when customers can be present are 6.00am to 10.00pm.

Prohibited activities:

  • digging/cleaning ears;
  • trimming nosehairs;
  • head and shoulder massages;
  • facials;
  • eyelash styling;
  • hair styling and treatments, and;
  • manicures and pedicures.

Preparations for owners and staff

  1. All premises must be registered with locals authorities or are not allowed to operate.
  2. Staff must be briefed on the SOP.
  3. The owner must prepare the equipment, hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves, aprons, infrared hand held thermometer, disinfectant for the premises, plan a timetable of customer appointments, and a plan of customer records.
  4. It is compulsory for staff to use the MySejahtera app.
  5. Ensure adequate lighting and ventilation in the premises.

Checks on employee status

  1. Ensure every employee including the barber adheres to all the latest government directives on the need for Covid-19 testing from time to time.
  2. Barbers who are not citizens MUST go for a swab test before they are allowed to work.
  3. Every day, check the body temperature of employees and screen for coughs, sore throats and breathing difficulties for every employee. Employees who have a red Risk Assessment in MySejahtera are not allowed to work on the premises.
  4. Only employees free of fever or Covid-19 symptoms are allowed to work.
  5. Any employees or barbers who are in the category of Close Contact or Covid-19 PUI/PUS are not allowed to work.

Cleaning and disinfecting premises (before, during and after)

The process of cleaning and disinfecting must be carried out 3 times a day (before, during and after) in general places which are often touched, such as counters, door handles, chairs and tables in waiting areas.

Process of accepting customers

  1. It is highly encouraged to accept customers based on appointments.
  2. Walk-in customers are only allowed when there are no customers inside the premises.

Screening customers during registration

  1. Check the body temperature of every customer and record it in the Registration Book.
  2. Register the name and phone number of the customer manually or using the MySejahtera app.
  3. Customers with a body temperature of over 37.5% are not allowed into the premises.
  4. Prepare hand sanitiser for customers. It is compulsory to clean hands with hand sanitiser before and after touching the Registration Book.
  5. Customers are required to wear face masks.

Practice Physical Distancing

  1. Practice physical distancing of 1 meter when entering the premises.
  2. Practice physical distancing of 1 meter when customers are waiting their turn to have their hair cut.
  3. The distance between one barber chair to another must be at least 2 metres.

Customer responsibilities

  1. Follow all instructions on physical distancing and must wear facemasks and disposable aprons.
  2. Always observe hand cleanliness using hand sanitizer and observe coughing etiquette.
  3. Only prepare for a hair cut after the barber is done cleaning and disinfecting the barber chair and harcutting equipment.

Haircutting procedure

  1. The barber must wear a face shield and face mask at all times. Use of a disposable gown by the barber is encouraged.
  2. Before and after the hair cut, the barber chair, and equipment (such as scissors and combs) must be disinfected.
  3. Employees cutting hair must wear a different set of gloves for each customer.
  4. Every customer must wear a disposable haircut apron/cape/cloth when their hair is being cut.
  5. Cannot use a shared towel.
  6. The time limit for an entire session cannot be longer than 30 minutes for each customer.
  7. After cutting, the barber must clean their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer as well as use a new glove.
  8. All disposable items (glove, apron, gown) must be thrown into a covered rubbish bin.

Time and procedure for cutting hair of at-risk age groups (under 12 years and above 60)

  1. Only 2 family members are allowed on the premises in one visit.
  2. Barber/Employees have to be quick in ensuring that activities do not take longer than 30 minutes.

Matters relating to payment after haircut

Cashless payments are encouraged.

Cooperating in handling the Covid-19 pandemic

  1. Cooperate with the Health Ministry (MOH) or other authorities if there is a report of a Covid-19 case and contact tracing.
  2. Cooperate with MOH or other authorities if there is a need for Covid-19 testing of barbers, in the event of a necessary investigation.

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