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Expose Your Nose Or Mouth While Wearing Face Mask And Get Fined By Police

Expose Your Nose Or Mouth While Wearing Face Mask And Get Fined By Police

No more excuses for not knowing how to wear a mask properly.

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The Ministry of Health has given authority to the police to issue compounds to people who wear their face masks incorrectly.

According to The Star, police officers with the rank of Inspector and above can now issue compounds on the spot to those who do not abide by the appropriate mask-wearing guidelines, such as leaving their mouth and noses exposed.

Deputy Ipoh OCPD (Operations) Superintendent Lee Swee Sake noted that the compound will be paid directly to the Health Ministry, not to the police.

Additionally, if offenders fail to pay the compound within two weeks, they will be taken to court.

The mask has to cover the nose and mouth.
(Credit: TRP)

This comes as certain members of the public still do not wear their masks properly. Instead, they pull the mask to rest under their noses or below the chin, exposing their mouth.

If (face masks are) not worn properly, it is akin to not wearing one.

Superintendent Lee to The Star

The fines are not meant to be a punishment, but rather to create awareness for the public.

The Ministry of Health has been releasing guidelines on the proper way to wear face masks since the beginning of the pandemic.

However, as Malaysians are creative people, many like to wear their masks in creative ways, such as dangling it off an ear.

(Credit: Malay Mail)

Improper use of masks are dangerous and can end up spreading contaminants (including bacteria and viruses) to you instead.

The inner layer of the mask has to be kept clean and should not come into contact with areas already exposed to bacteria or virus or germs, as we’ve illustrated before here.

Although, if you really hate wearing masks, then you can just stay at home happily mask-free.

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