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High Murder Cases Among Malaysia’s Migrant Workers Due To Conflict At Work

High Murder Cases Among Malaysia’s Migrant Workers Due To Conflict At Work

There are an estimated 5 million foreign and migrant workers in Malaysia.

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Quarrels at the workplace are getting foreign workers in Malaysia killed.

The Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department (CID) identified that conflict and misunderstandings at the workplace are among the primary motives for murder cases involving foreign workers in the country.

Police data reveal that between between 2009 and 2019, 844 out of a total 5,403 recorded murder cases had involved disputes.

Murderous colleagues?

Mental health problems have been on the rise in Malaysia with 30% of the population said to be suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.

Meanwhile, statistics also revealed that 53% of working Malaysians experience high levels of work-related stress.

If you’re stressed out at the office, imagine those working hard labour.

Malaysia is also home to around 2.1 million documented and some 3.3 million undocumented labourers employed in a host of industries, from manufacturing to construction, agriculture as well as within the service industry.

Studies looking at the mental health status among migrants in Malaysia points to a prevalence of common disorders such as anxiety, depression as well as post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), particularly among refugees and asylum seekers in the country.

Experts note that workers are pressured by deplorable living conditions, low wages, and work stress due to heavy workloads, insufficient time given to complete tasks as well as conflict and discourse at the workplace.

Being homesick and the feeling of isolation are also tied to the existence of mental health problems among migrants in Malaysia.

Foreign workers in Malaysia have been living in dirty and cramped dormitories for years.
(Malay Mail)

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These conditions might be exacerbated from the result of the Covid-19 pandemic with the recent Movement Control Order (MCO) period and crackdowns on Malaysia’s migrant population.

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