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Sungai Gong Polluted Again & There’s Confusion Over Who’s Responsible

Sungai Gong Polluted Again & There’s Confusion Over Who’s Responsible

The water is BLACK.

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In today’s frustrating news, it has been reported that Sungai Gong is once again polluted as the water has turned as black as my soul.

According to Bernama, the Selangor Water Management Board (LUAS) received a report around noon yesterday of water discolouration at Sungai Gong.

LUAS then stated that their investigations point towards an Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) sewage treatment plant in Rawang discharging foamy and coloured effluent into the river.

However, there is no odour coming from the black coloured water.

Water sampling at the area also found ammonia at 5.2mg/l and TSS (total suspended solids) at 47mg/l.

Indah Water Konsortium is denying the allegations.

While IWK has stopped the discharge and closed the incoming pump, they released a statement refuting that the pollution came from their Rawang Integrated Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant.

What they DID find, however, was entry of yellow non-sewage waste into the plant’s inlet chamber that caused the effluent at the final process stage of the plant to be contaminated with a deep yellow color.

Our staff at the plant is still monitoring and controlling the entry of wastewater into the plant. We suspect that there is illegal waste disposal that occurs near our plant so that the material can flow into the plant.

Narendran Maniam, CEO of Indah Water Konsortium.

IWK CEO Narendram Maniam also expressed his disappointment in LUAS for conflating the black colour discolouration of Sungai Gong with the discharge of colored effluent and foam from their Rawang sewage treatment plant.

This statement will confuse the public and at the same time, will point the finger at IWK even if the real cause is probably due to illegal waste disposal.

Narendran Maniam, CEO of Indah Water Konsortium.

IWK asserts that sewage treatment plants are only designed to treat wastewater and are not capable of treating any chemicals or waste that is illegally discharged into the sewer pipeline.

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