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Survey: 9/10 M’sian Employees Want To Stick To ‘New Normal’ Working Conditions

Survey: 9/10 M’sian Employees Want To Stick To ‘New Normal’ Working Conditions

Health is the main priority now.

Hakim Hassan

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9 out of 10 Malaysian workers don’t want to revert back to the normal working situation pre-Covid-19, according to a survey conducted by Skillsoft.

The research found that 94% wanted at least one Covid-19 practice applied in their daily lives.

It’s the highest number of the three countries in Asia Pacific studied in the survey, namely Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

The stats also show that only 6% of Malaysian workers are happy to return to normal and this figure is lower among those over 55 years old at 3%.

Firing employees over non-work hours' misconduct? Employers, unions have  their say | Malaysia | Malay Mail
Picture Credit: Malay Mail

Malaysia’s workforce now prioritise their well-being with 31% of employees listing health and safety as the number one thing they want to prioritize by business leaders.

It’s also revealed that almost half of all Malaysian employees list work / life balance (54%) and job security (47%) as the top three things that should be prioritised by the heads of business.

Statistics Dept survey indicates as many as 2.1 million could be out of work  in Malaysia because of Covid-19, says economist | Malaysia | Malay Mail
Picture Credit: Malay Mail

Two key factors that the workforce want is their employers to support, namely providing more learning and development on racial diversity (38%) and supporting maternity leave for parents (34%).

They want their organization to introduce to offer flexible work to parents (33%); and monitor, report and work to bridge the gender gap (31%).

The survey was conducted by YouGov from July 30 to August 3 among 681 Australians; Malaysia (758) and Singapore (886) aged 18 and above who are currently working or are looking for work.

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