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Ipoh Lady With Wristband Is NOT Person Under Surveillance

Ipoh Lady With Wristband Is NOT Person Under Surveillance

Malaysian internet sleuths have exposed a number of actual Persons Under Surveillance (PUS) to date.

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A woman who was seen wearing a pink wristband dining at an eatery in Ipoh earlier this week is not a Person Under Surveillance (PUS), but the wristband is instead for a nearby theme park.

What you need to know: Netizens grew concerned and urged police to investigate when a woman wearing a pink wristband was seen at an eatery. The image went viral as people believed she was breaking home quarantine.

Who said what: Ipoh police chief Assistant Commissioner A. Asmadi Abdul Aziz noted that the wristband the lady was wearing was for the Lost World of Tambun theme park.

Why it matters: It’s a healthy dose of public awareness, as such community vigilance raised awareness of a shopkeeper who broke his home quarantine who later tested positive for Covid-19, inciting the Sivagangga cluster in Kedah.

However, at this time when worries about a second wave of Covid-19 infections are on the rise again, it might be better to avoid wearing wristbands in public, regardless of what colour they are.

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