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Minister Urges Rich Bumiputeras To Help Upskill Poor Bumiputeras Because There’s A Lot Of Both

Minister Urges Rich Bumiputeras To Help Upskill Poor Bumiputeras Because There’s A Lot Of Both

Taking #KitaJagaKita a bit literally here…

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Bumiputeras in the Top 20 per cent income group (T20) are urged to help upskill and reskill Bumiputeras in the Bottom 40 per cent income group (B40).

What you need to know: Professional Bumiputeras account for 52% of T20 households in Malaysia. The T20 household has an income of more than RM10,961 a month. Bumiputeras also account for 72% of the B40 group, which earns less than RM4,850 a month in household income. Bumiputeras take up a large majority of top earners and bottom earners, which shows a big disconnect in both groups by earning power.

Who said what: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Special Functions) Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof called on the T20 Bumiputras to help out their B40 brethren by more engagement between the two groups in a professional setting. He hopes that the T20 group can aid the B40 group by being strategic business partners or expanding their own scope to create an industry to increase employment.

Why it matters: The number of Bumiputeras in the B40 group is disproportionately larger. Malaysia’s population distribution has 67.4% Bumiputera, but 72% of that group lives in the bottom 40% income group. As such, Mohd Redzuan hopes that the T20 Bumiputeras can help those in the B40 group kickstart entrepreneurial business ventures to elevate their living conditions.

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