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66% Of Malaysian Employees Are Taking On More Work Due to Covid-19

66% Of Malaysian Employees Are Taking On More Work Due to Covid-19

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A recent survey conducted by Malaysia’s recruiting platform, JobStreet, revealed how much the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed working life in Malaysia.

The study shows that 66% of Malaysians are taking on more work.

Reportedly, Malaysians in high-income jobs who work at large companies are having to accommodate an expanding job scope due to the effects of the pandemic and previous Covid-19 lockdowns.

This was also true for people working in manufacturing who have to deal with an increased demand for goods and products, as well as those who work in education, who needed to adapt a remote working lifestyle in order for learning to continue during the crisis period.

In fact, the survey reports that a lot of people, 58% exactly, had to assimilate a digital working environment and contend to working from home (WFH) during the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) and subsequent Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).

Furthermore, the study also showed that 48% of Malaysians endured lower paychecks with more than 30% of individuals experiencing a salary cut of over 30% as well as suffering cutbacks, if not entirely losing, their bonuses and employee benefits.

While 24% of Malaysians are forced out of commission and required to take either paid or unpaid leave.

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