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Beware Of Cheap Thermometers, Warns Ministry

Beware Of Cheap Thermometers, Warns Ministry

Akmal Hakim

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The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) is warning Malaysians against purchasing cheap or low-cost digital thermometers.

With the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) in full swing, it’s now a part of life to have your temperature scanned when you are out in public.

And with social distancing and hygiene concerns at top priority, the modern non-contact digital infrared thermometer quickly became the default tool to determine whether a person is clear to be out in public places.

A customer being scanned before they are allowed to enter a mall in Kuala Lumpur.
(Credit: The Star)

But as the need for such a tool now in high demand, the KPDNHEP is advising Malaysians, especially businesses, to stay clear of products that are being sold below market prices out of concern that these items might be faulty or fake.

Notably, there have been reports of thermometers giving inaccurate temperature readings which, in essence, defeats the whole purpose of having the scanner in the first place.

The normal human body temperature is between 36 to 37°C, anything higher than that, you may be sick. Anything lower then there might be something funny going on with the thermometer you’re using.
(Credit: Anton/Unsplash)

A quick look through online shopping platforms does reveal that prices for these thermometers do vary considerably as digital scanners of different brands are being sold for as low as RM10, to costing more than RM200.

Among the thermometer choices available to consumers on poplar Malaysian online shopping websites.
(Credit: Shopee/Lazada)

Now we know what you’re thinking; “Well how are we supposed to know which is which? We’re not thermometer experts!”

Though the authorities do not have specific guidelines on the sales and purchases of these thermometers, the KPDNHEP simply recommends that Malaysian seek out products from trusted retailers and buy thermometers with the SIRIM certification stamp of approval to avoid being duped.

At the moment, the KPDNHEP is asking the public to be on the lookout for any suspiciously cheap thermometer sellers that might be taking advantage of the whole Covid-19 crisis to make a quick buck.

And with everyone being familiar with the running joke that Malaysians simply can’t resist cheap and bargain prices, maybe it’s time to set aside our supposedly predisposed thriftiness in the nation’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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