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Surprising New Covid-19 Cases Among Malaysians, From Raya Visit To Frontliners

Surprising New Covid-19 Cases Among Malaysians, From Raya Visit To Frontliners

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After weeks of single digit new Covid-19 cases amongst Malaysians, the figure rose to 15 new cases on Saturday, 13 June.

Health Director General Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah revealed out of the 43 new Covid-19 cases reported yesterday, 38 were local infections which comprised of 23 non-Malaysians and 15 Malaysians.

While the infection amongst non-Malaysians were largely from the Bukit Jalil Immigration Detention Centre (21 cases), the 15 Malaysian infections were a little more scattered.

Here’s the breakdown:

Negeri Sembilan – 5 cases

One patient was found to be infected with the novel coronavirus after coming into close contact with Patient 7,756 during a Hari Raya visit.

A civil servant in Seremban who was planning to return to Sabah was also found to be Covid-19 positive after screening.

Meanwhile, three new cases were detected in three separate tahfiz schools.

Selangor – 4 cases

Two cases were detected from screening in two tahfiz schools.

After screening of frontliners (non-health) in Sabak Bernam, two more cases were detected.

Melaka – 2 cases

One case was detected from a senior centre in Melaka Tengah while another new infection was detected in a tahfiz school.

Kuala Lumpur – 1 case

The infection was detected from the Influenza Like Illness (ILI) surveillance in a sentinel health clinic.

Pahang – 1 case

The infection was detected from community screening in Temerloh.

Perak – 1 case

Another infection was detected from a tahfiz school.

Sabah – 1 case

After a 96-year-old woman passed away in her home on 12th June, her body was brought to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sabah for post-mortem testing which confirmed the presence of the virus in her body.

The Health Ministry is still investigating the source of the infection.

Her passing pushes Malaysia’s Covid-19 death toll to 120 losses from the total of 8,445 reported infections in the country.

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