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We Helped The Rohingyas On Humanitarian Grounds, Said Zahid

We Helped The Rohingyas On Humanitarian Grounds, Said Zahid

Since the Rohingya issue is being heavily discussed in the public sphere, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi decided to chime in the on the subject, recalling his time as Deputy Prime Minister when the country was under Barisan rule.

He said the government at the time was helping the Rohingyas on the basis of humanitarianism as they were forced out due to the ethnic cleansing that was happening in Myanmar.

This includes food and necessities aid worth RM4 million to refugees at the Myanmar border and the construction of a hospital worth RM3.5 million at the Kutupalong refugee camp.

Zahid also said that the previous government allowed the community to work in selected sectors in Malaysia and sustain themselves as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) refugees were not allowed to work.

He also said that it also inadvertently helps refugees from being targeted for human trafficking.

Besides the aid given to refugees at the border, he also talked about efforts made by the Barisan and Qatar government for the Rohingyas who were in the country.

In 2018, Zahid mentioned that a collaboration was made between the two countries where the Qatar Development Fund (QDF) agreed to back three projects to help the refugees get back on their feet.

These are to help train the refugees in farming and manufacturing; providing schools and preschools; and a give them insurance protection scheme for medical purposes.

The funding for the insurance premium, he said, was paid for by QDF.

However, he said, although the aid was given to the Rohingyas, the treatment is the same as with other refugees, where they’re allowed to work and receive humanitarian aid before being sent back to their countries or to a third country.

The community were the subject of xenophobic attacks after fake news circulated about Rohingyas demanding for citizenship.

The police are currently investigating individuals responsible for inciting hate and fear among Malaysians through social media.

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